Young - Russian

Moscow, August 29, 2014

Aggressive, almost brutal study of the new Chevrolet Niva is to act, which is currently on the auto show in Moscow MIAS ( 29 August-7 September 2014) presents.

US-Russian relations

Chevrolet? Niva? The unusual for West Europeans designation raises some questions. Therefore, in order. End of the 1990s, the Lada 's parent company AvtoVAZ had a successor to the classic Niva finished, but suffered from financial problems. The solution was a 2001 established joint venture with General Motors. At GM - AvtoVAZ Chevrolet Niva the now-called car went into production in 2002. For some years it the based on the Opel Astra G Chevrolet Viva was set aside.

thicker appearance

Not affected was the classic Lada Niva, as we know it in this country. Since the Chevrolet of the same name was sold only in Russia and neighboring regions, the terrain legend in Western Europe could retain its name. Some time ago alteration in " Taiga 4x4 " serves only as a trick to circumvent the more stringent crash test standards, because it then is a small series. Back to study the future Chevy Niva, which is in Moscow. She reminds of the Ford Ecosport and occurs with large 235/70 R16 off-road tires, a snorkel and a light bar on the roof emphasizes martial on.

On all fours

But the look is not show, because the car is off the road actually have something on it. This is ensured by a permanent all-wheel drive plus a differential lock and a transfer case for low-range gearing. In the cockpit there will be in addition to various electrical helpers and multimedia systems. The study in addition leather seats come plus a compass and inclinometer.

Patience is required

It was not until mid-2016 will come on the market the production model, then with a 1.8 - liter petrol engine along with five speed gearbox. He will offer 30 percent more torque than the current model. No great art, because there coughs a 1.7 - liter with 80 HP to himself. ( rh )