US-surprise: The most sought-after vintage car is the Ford Mustang

Munich, June 9, 2016

In Germany, there are more and more classic. No wonder: They are often seen as attractive investment in the "low interest rate environment". Which old vehicles are currently very popular, now reveals a statistics of the used car stock exchange AutoScout24 and the prompt waits with a surprise: not a historical Mercedes or BMW, but a U.S. model like the Germans: the Ford Mustang from the 1960s.

Of the convertible up to the Campingmobil

But very different vehicles for vintage fans of interest. They range from the Campingmobil to the convertible from the sports car to the comfortable sedan. There is something for all budgets: the average price of the ten most sought after vintage ranges from 9.100 to 106,000 euros. But no car is more popular than the classic Mustang, preferably with a V8 engine and as a Coupé (1st place) and convertible (3rd place). In between the second generation of the VW Bulli (T2) moves to second. Only in fourth place, a typical collector model shows up: the Mercedes line eight.

Sports car from Germany and the United States

Place five is the VW Beetle Convertible. As well preserved and unverbastelte originals, the fresh air beetle ever achieve rates of 60,000 euros. The Porsche 911 of the 1970s lands on the sixth place. The very high price level stems 2.7 RS "Ducktail" by an average of over 100,000 euro from the coveted and rare versions like the Carrera, offered ever for 750,000 euros. The classic penalty in addition lands on the ninth place, this time as G-model, which was built from 1973 to 1989. In between seven and eight are to place the first Mercedes S-class (W116) and the Corvette C1 of 50s and 60s. A Mercedes, the 180 stands on tenth place again alias "Small pontoon" W120 type. It was the first Mercedes-Benz with self-supporting body and prepared the triumphal procession of diesel as 180D in taxi services.

Hundreds of thousands of classic cars

Vintage approved nearly 344.000 cars were 11 percent more than a year ago beginning 2016 according to Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA). Actually more vintage are much on the road, because the flat tax from 191 euro per year not always pays off or not contemporary tags prevent the approval with the historic H mark. All cars were incorporated in the evaluation therefore, the 30 years or older. The number of the detailpages calls of the use car stock exchange served as a yardstick for interest in the models. (sl)