TVR is back! With the Griffith

Blackpool (England), 8. September 2017

In a time of more and more Automation and electrification is clear: The world is in need of TVR. Now the British brand, known for their often frightening, and highly irritable sports car, a Comeback under new leadership. And the new TVR Griffith was unveiled at the Goodwood Revival, is to succeed, the model with the return.

There was ever

Griffith ... it rings a bell but? Properly, the name it had before. But if you're a small-scale manufacturer from Blackpool, who had disappeared for eleven years, then you would put probably a little bit of history, or? Depending on the height of your own age, you will remember either of Jack Griffith piloted 60s race car with Ford drive, or to give to the 90s Roadster with a Rover V8, which was mainly busy, smoky drift deposits.

With A 5.0-Liter Cosworth V8

This brings us, without further ADO, to the topic of drive. The new TVR Griffith gets a 5.0-Liter V8, which is likely to be the most people out of the Ford Mustang known. For Griffith, however, Cosworth has brought his talented fingers into the game, the unit for a lower center of gravity dry gesumpft and further attack of lust is implanted. Of 400 HP per Tonne, the speech was in the past. With a weight of just 1,250 kilograms, that would correspond to a capacity of exactly 500 HP. The Front-mid-engine design contributes to a perfect 50:50 weight distribution. Probably the best news for the purists, the other is: TVR has no heart for switching muffle. There is a Tremec Magnum six-speed manual transmission or nothing. Nevertheless, the rear is sprint-wheel drive in under four seconds from 0-100 km/h. The maximum speed should be at 200 miles per hour, so in the case of 322 km/h.

Gordon Murray developed

For everything that has to do with the new TVR Griffith somehow with construction, has secured smart way to use the services of a development icon Gordon Murray. Its revolutionary manufacturing technology "iStream" comes in Griffith to the application. The Chassis base is a tubular steel frame with Carbon fibre Panels, which will increase the stiffness massively, and keep the weight low (as I said, the Griffith weighs only 1.250 kilos). Since the exhaust outlet on the side and relatively far forward, but could also be implemented with a flat underbody. Along with the front splitter, the rear wing and the remarkable, massive rear diffuser is likely to be so veritable Downforce to achieve that for later racing versions (TVR is considering its own racing series and the new boss Les Edgar wants to can to Le Mans) with little effort.


Something of a surprise for the long-awaited TVR-restart: The Griffith effusions of earlier amazing looks in comparison to some of the completely wacky Design in a civilized manner. The front fenders, the side-exiting exhaust, or the edgy-intricate stern preserve at least a piece of the TVR-Madness in the modern era. Speaking of modern times: Who had hoped that Griffith would be a completely analog car, you will be disappointed. Where once charming, traditional instruments, and confused ruled arranged buttons and switches, there is now a reduced and significantly more digital environment. Whether it is Ford-Fiesta-steering-column lever and 90s-Fiat-ventilation would have needed a 100.000-Euro-car-really-jets, is another question. Oh Yes, safety-related achievements, such as ABS, traction control or Airbags (shone earlier, largely due to absence) are now Standard. You can thank tougher EU regulations for this circumstance.

Launch Edition for € 98,000

The questions to the final price, and the market still remained. The Launch Edition with special paint, full leather interior and, especially, send, Alu-wheels, comes to 90,000 British pounds. This currently corresponds to almost 98.000 Euro. The regular model is cheaper. Thus, the new TVR Griffith placed about the Porsche 911 and Jaguar F-Type territory. The production starts at the end of 2018.(sw)