Total energized

Dearborn ( USA ), December 14, 2015

One might think that the timing is extremely unfavorable: instantaneous fuel is extremely cheap in the US, specifically Ford benefited with its pick-ups of the F - series of it. Nevertheless, the Group can look forward to a future that will be different. By 2020, Ford will invest $ 4.5 billion ( equivalent to around EUR 4.1 billion ) in new electric cars.

For sheer fun of it takes Ford of course, not so much money in the hand. Rivals such as General Motors and Tesla are significantly further in electromobility. Tesla has recently introduced the Model X, 2016 will present a full size car CEO Elon Musk. GM subsidiary Chevrolet shows in January 2016 electric subcompact Bolt. Ford has been little to oppose: The Focus Electric is an overpriced niche product, the plug-in hybrids by merger ( in this country the Mondeo ) and C - Max are hardly known.

With small steps to the goal

Therefore, Ford will give investing billions respectively gas stream. By 2020, complete the product portfolio 13 new electric models, more than 40 percent of global Ford series will receive an e - version. Yet you stingy with further information. Previously known is an upcoming model, but which does not necessarily shines with massive reach. Only the end of 2016 will start production of the new Focus Electric. He should fill by quick charge in just 30 minutes its battery to 80 percent or so 160 km far. Thus, the charging time would be for two hours faster than the current model, also 160 kilometers have so far been achieved only with a full battery. Moreover in the future, an intelligent Brake Assist to support the driver when braking, in order to maximize the efficiency of the regenerative braking system. The more uniform a driver brakes, the more energy is fed back to the battery of the vehicle . ( rh )