Time travel: on the Road in the first BMW M5

Estoril (Portugal), 23. November 2017

There was a time in the cars such as the Mercedes-AMG E 63 and the Audi RS 6 is still looming in the distant future. Who wanted to be in the middle of the 1980s, really fast on the road, bought a Ferrari, Porsche and co. It should be also spacious, remained next to the Bentley and Maserati at the most, a Mercedes 500 SE or BMW 745i left. But in 1985, everything changed: BMW brought the M5 on the market.

From the M1 in the other models

But The roots of the first M5 lie in the legendary M1. Those super sports BMW built the car from 1978 to 1981. Under the flat-M1-body M88, a six-cylinder with a displacement of 3.5 litres put. This unit was no longer considered but as a base for the Motorsport, but in a structurally simplified Form for potent top of the existing series. The beginning of the M635 CSi, it is a M745i for South Africa followed.

Heart Transplant

Thanks to two overhead camshafts and six individual throttle sun made the four-valve engine is now 286 HP-nine horsepower more than in the M1. Because the 6-series coupe and the 5-series shared a common platform, was the thing for the engineers of BMW Motorsport GmbH clear: M88/3 as the unit was called now, should be transplanted in the sedan. Said, done: In the summer of 1985, the M5 came on the market, surprisingly, with dezenterem appearance than the 218 BHP M535i.

Less is more

One aspect that strikes me at my very first encounter with the M5-series E28. Okay, the sill is completely clear, just a slight lowering. But otherwise, the black sedan could be in front of me, the service 525er of Derrick, after a determination through the Tuner. With the difference, that allow for the 286 HP of the M5 faster chases.

Good? Of due!

Granted, formally, you have to like the E28 series. Already at its launch in 1981, the second 5 series Generation got a lot of criticism. To close your Design on the predecessor. But today, that's exactly the appeal. The front section of the shark's nose saves the style of the Seventies in the 1980s. Added to this is a at first glance, biederer Rest. However, this Biedermann is an arsonist.

Five wins

Let us take a brief look at the data: length? 4.62 metres. Width? 1.70 meters. Height? 1.40 meters. Amazingly, the relatively short wheelbase of 2.62 meters on the level of a current VW Golf. As a result, the proportions of the first M5 to be not necessarily handsome, also in the rear of it is rather more clear. But no matter. Much more important are two other Figures: a total of 1,430 kg kerb weight and 286 HP. Makes exactly five kilos per HP. (What else when you top-fives...)

The mink fur to the inside

I will plant me a seat on the leather-draped, driver. In the M5 the BMW factory collection was not stingy with Extras: at the Time, outrageously expensive animal skin and in many corners, as suede even to the Roof beams. Add electrically adjustable front seats, the knarzig-slowly in your Position. The center console is at the time, BMW-typical, a little to the driver's facing. Necessary, it would not necessarily, most of the buttons still has the calculator-like on-Board computer. A little sporty and the large M-steering Wheel looks with the thin rim, as is nowadays very expensive Michelin TRX tires in the Format 220/55 VR 390.

A Stick-Dream

So be it, the much-quoted "Driving pleasure" is in the foreground. So the ignition key is turned and it goes. The big Surprise remains. Not a wild rumble in the M1 style. Gently, happily, the six-cylinder takes in his work. And it stays that way, because I early in the wonderful shifting five-speed transmission, high unlock. I realize why BMW-Circuits, once as the gold standard were considered. In short, Because of the shift lever clacking through the streets. A pleasure I often indulge in, as it would be necessary. Because the M5 can be lazy dangers. With a relaxed 1,500 Rpm cruising? No Problem. The comfortably designed chassis fits. And also on the steering you can feel that the E28 M5 was only later on the series: Extreme curve, the domain of this vehicle is scratch.

The Hammer comes late

But where is the promised 6,5 seconds to 100 kph? Or the top of 245 km/h? Quite simply, Two steps back, foot on the Gas and down comes the load! Under the silky six-cylinder sound angry rumbling mixes, the needle of the Rev counter. At 4,500 Rpm the maximum of 340 Newton meters to grab. Clearly, today, every Passat TDI has more torque, but each M5-series E28 is a celebration of the Analogue, a celebration of honest manual labor.

A lot of Cash for Rares

As well as in the production of the first M5 series. Only a good 2,200 copies left by the end of 1987, the hallowed halls of BMW Motorsport GmbH in Munich. Why was the E28 M5 so rare? Now, the subtle body is not really fit to the last price of the 86,000 Mark. For comparison: For almost DM 10,000 less, there was already a Porsche 911 Carrera, the man saw that its owner has a lot of money. And one more comparison: For the price of a M5 you could get a 535i, plus a two-door 320i for the wife. As a consolation only remains, that the first BMW M5 is just as prohibitive as it was 30 years ago. If an original copy comes up, is 86,000 and a fair number. In euros, mind you.(rh)