The ten main Geneva - studies Bet on the future

Bet on the future

Studies liven up any car show, because they are the eye-catcher of the parquet. Some specimens are far away from the series and is intended to give a dare outlook on future design or technology, while others reflect almost a 1:1 copy of the approaching series model. We present the top ten concept cars of the Geneva show.

One may ask justified whether a car show you could not save yourself. Finally, it is no problem to check out new vehicles also at the merchant around the corner, or at least in the nearest large city, usually even without crowds. What there is to see there are the studies that are the salt in every fair soup. Also currently in Geneva. We present the top ten concept cars.

Alfa Romeo presents the Spider version of the 4C, which passes as a production model at a cursory level. On closer inspection the exhaust system falls on, the study leads the exhaust gas through expensive titanium outside and catches the attention with a central double tube, while the coupe already on the market a pipe on the left and one on the right bears. Under the hood of the Cabriolet, however, suggests the same heart with two liters and four cylinders (177 kW/240 hp), which provides a standard sprint to 100 km / h 4.5 seconds and 250 km in the tip.

Not quite as exciting as the Italians, but hardly seems less interesting to the Mazda Hazumi. He also moves very close to the upcoming production model, which is to be launched early next year. The optics is strongly geared to the so-called Kodo design language: the small car is seamlessly classified into the existing vehicle program. The future use of the upcoming 1.5-liter diesel engine is likely to cause a stir among technology enthusiasts. The compression-ignition engine holds its raw emissions analogous to those already introduced 2.2-liter variants already so pure that no complex post-treatment by SCR technology is necessary to reach the Euro 6 standard.

© Matthias Knoedler / SP XMehr design as drive technology and yet far away from the series - this is the Volvo Concept Estate   More design as drive technology and yet far away from the series - this is the Volvo Concept Estate. The shooting brake is reminiscent of the 1800 ES and not only gives a preview of how the Swedes could operate in the future exterior design, but also possible operational concepts. A characteristic feature is the large monitor so that the developers have more and more opportunities in the design of functionalities.

Environment-friendly and emotional at the same time it goes to the house of Skoda. The design study in the four-door coupe Vision C - format especially appeals to the heart. As drive the technician based on the modular transverse matrix study missed the group known as natural gas 1.4 TSI version. Besides the chic appearance but also the utility should not be neglected. So the Czechs promise plenty of space for people and cargo, the latter should be possible thanks to the large trunk lid as simply invited.

© Matthias Knoedler / SP XDer open T-Roc will give an outlook on the form in which the subject compact SUV could be dealt with in future at VW   The main group brand, Volkswagen is presenting a thoroughly exciting concept car. Thus, the open T-Roc will give an outlook on the form in which the subject compact SUV could be dealt with in the future in addition to, or perhaps even after the Tiguan. How to Design and concept of study of a potential production model are close or far away, you want to not reveal at this time, but the visitors may safely assume that the crossover density has by no means reached the peak at Volkswagen. Right conventional drops the drive unit of the foot ends well on the MBQ-wheel drive vehicle from: Under the hood, the 2.0 TDI is packed with 135 kW/184 hp ( corresponding to the current stage of development ), and for the power transmission provides a dual clutch transmission - the first time this torque category with seven speed steps. For the moment distribution of the permanent 4 × 4, a Haldex clutch is responsible.

That the subject of fuel cells is current, show Hyundai and Honda. While the Intrado itself - Hyundai's first representative from the pen of Peter Schreyer - with a little imagination could ever imagine as a production model, the Honda FCEV in a more futuristic. The was indeed already unveiled at the show in Los Angeles, is now also the first time the Europeans. Whether in terms of better aerodynamics attached spats also flatter the eye of the beholder, is another question. The Hyundai Intrado contrast scores with lightweight (carbon ) and a muscular-looking silhouette. Thus, the Koreans could catch consent.

© Matthias Knoedler / SP XDA Subaru Viziv 2 Concept speaks definitely the technicians among car enthusiasts   The Subaru Viziv 2 Concept definitely speaks to the technicians among auto fans. With an elaborate hybrid strand of the tradition manufacturer attempts to resolve the conflict between power and efficiency, without sacrificing valuable brand virtues. As under the hood, a 1.6 liter piston engine with direct injection, which is connected via a continuously variable transmission with an electric motor. To ensure all-wheel drive, the rear wheels will each receive an electric motor, so that a total of three electric machines are at work. Powerful lithium-ion batteries also allow for an electric-only operation over larger distances, the Viziv 2 is thus a true plug-in hybrid. The thus dispensable mechanical connection between the front and rear axle saves weight. In addition, the electric motors of the two rear wheels are to take effect on the yawing moment in terms of a stability program.

Kia, however, is the study GT4 Stinger on conventional downsizing with the known two-liter turbo. Can sit up the petrol engine with an output of 232 kW/315 hp, turning the rear wheel drive fits like a glove, well conceivable that the handsome two-door with a dream body with the throttle can be thrown around the corner. To underline the sporty character of the European premiere, the engineers already gave the concept a six-speed manual transmission. The GT4 was without question a refreshing spot in the model program of the Korean brand.

Full of classic drive art dedicated to Maserati with a bang to the centenary celebration of the brand. Under the hood of the image beautifully drawn transaxle coupe Alfieri with the strikingly short overhangs tinkers a 4.7-liter V8 along with the MC-shift six-speed gearbox. The two-door car based on the GranTurismo MC Stradale and screams his managers to formally wanting to be built. The day of a positive decision would definitely be a beautiful day, not only for Maserati fans.