The OPA class: Riders Mercedes B - and GLK-class are the oldest

Munich, 20 June 2016

Drivers of a Mercedes B-class have the highest average age around the age of 56. The ranking of cars with the oldest riders follow the Mercedes GLK, and a number of other SUVs, such as the Toyota RAV4 and the VW Tiguan. That resulted in an investigation of the comparison portal now. It confirms many things in everyday life or prejudice at the Stammtisch, offering but also a few surprises.

"Old" brands: Dacia, Porsche, Jaguar and Mercedes

SUVs are probably attractive due to the comfortable getting in and out and the high seating position with good overview for senior citizens. In a VW Scirocco to put, prepares, however, many older driver problems. Therefore, the Coupé from Wolfsburg has a pretty young clientele. In addition to Mercedes, Jaguar, Dacia and Porsche and Saab, and Toyota brands with older customer base are. Jaguar puts it on a driver's average age 48.8 years. Among the surprises, that with 48.2 years ranked two is Dacia despite low vehicle costs. May be Duster, Sandero & co so often by elder bought, because seniors often take little and therefore want a cheap and useful primarily car? Three Porsche ranked it is apparently just the other way around: the quote provider Cayenne for example is by younger probably therefore rarely bought, because they can hardly afford cars beyond of 70,000 euros.

B-class drivers are older

Mercedes customers are 47.4 years old on average. The overhang of older drivers is clear: for drivers aged 70 and over, the market share of the Stuttgart is four times as high as in the under 20 years. The high cost is also here reason. Two Mercedes models stand out: a B - or GLK-class were over 55 years old on average. By comparison, driver of a VW Scirocco came up with an average age of 38 years.

For the youngsters: Scirocco and Leon

Three brands of the VW Group includes the five "recent": seat, Audi and Volkswagen itself. The top 5 are BMW and Alfa Romeo. Seat, the car brand with the latest drivers, is popular especially among 20 up 29. For this reason could be the comparatively low cost. The proportion of the Spanish manufacturer on all cars insured about decreases with age and is lower than under-30s at about two-thirds to drivers aged 70 and over. The same applies also for Audi and BMW. Seat and VW are the cars with the Leon and the Scirocco with average recent drivers. Two more Spaniards, as well as the Alfa Romeo 147 and the Fiat Stilo on a shared fourth place land in the top 5.

: Baseline insurance

That missing brands such as Bentley or Ferrari under the "oldest" brands, is probably due to methodological reasons. Only brands and models with at least 1,000 statements about the car insurance comparison were considered by in the year 2015. (sl)