The fastest SUV anyway? Almost!

New York (USA), 11 April 2017

Incredible: The Jeep engineers have succeeded in actually in about 3.5 seconds to 100 balance the 2.4-ton Grand Cherokee. This makes possible a 6.2 liter supercharged V8 with rich 717 Horsepower and 875 Newton meters of torque.

With Hellcat-power

The engine comes from the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and the charger SRT Hellcat, where there is also 717 Horsepower, but with slightly more torque has 881 Newton meters. Supposedly have the engineers turned down the engine in the jeep, not to jeopardize the durability of the all-wheel drive. But, apparently, only minor changes were needed.

Only one is even faster

According to jeep, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk with the standard Sprint is the fastest SUV ever in 3.5 seconds. True, but only almost: the Tesla model X P100D creates the tempo 100-spurt in the "ludicrous"mode in 2.8 seconds. The nose again has strong Grand Cherokee but at the maximum speed (290 km/h, the Tesla manages only speed 250) and traction (3.2 tons, at the Tesla are maximum 2.3 tonnes).

Torque distribution depending on driving mode

The Trackhawk is only shipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission. You forwards the force on the all-wheel drive, which features an electronically controlled differential for the rear wheels. The torque is distributed according to the driving mode on the axes: 40 to 60 in auto mode, 50-50 in the snowmax, 60 to 40 in the tow-, 35 to 65 in the sport and 30 to 70 in track mode. 400 mm Brembo brakes front and 350 mm discs rear bring the Trackhawk just as fast to stand still, as he accelerates: according to jeep, the braking distance from 100 km/h is located at about 35 meters.

More slots

Externally the Trackhawk differs from the normal Grand Cherokee including more cooling vents. So there is an extra slot under the seven grille openings and air intakes instead of fog lights. Also, the car has 20-inch wheels and a new exhaust with two tubes on each side in a chic, dark finish.

Sporty cockpit

Inside, there is a driver-oriented cockpit, that doesn't look like SUV. Here, the tachometer is positioned in the middle between the speedometer and fuel gauge and the 8.4 inch Infotainment system displays various performance data. Nappa leather seats are series, optional black or dark red leather. Matching dark red seat belts are offered. Premiere has the new Trackhawk version of the Grand Cherokee at the New York Motor Show (14 to 23 April 2017). Then he's coming end of 2017 to the U.S. retailers. Still, the price was not communicated.

The best message to the conclusion

The best news concludes: The car comes to Germany. The requirement that in the future each Jeep, which comes on the market, to be offered in Europe comes from CEO Sergio Marchionne itself according to the brand spokesman Markus Hauf. The Trackhawk "comes in the first half of the year, this is set in stone", so Hakeem. "I hope that he is already in the first quarter from the dealers." (sl)