Dodge Charger

The first Dodge Charger was an icon of the muscle car era in the sixties. The current series of the Dodge Charger - a sport sedan - was introduced in autumn 2010 and will continue the tradition of the vehicle and the Ford Mustang or the Chrysler 300 offer Paroli. Under the hood of the Dodge Charger put either a 3.6 - liter six-cylinder with 270 horsepower and rear-wheel drive or a 355-hp 5.7 - liter Hemi V8 with four-wheel drive. New compared to the predecessor constructed since 2006 is the design of the bodywork. The tail shines with a new Diffuseroptik and integrated tailpipes. The tail lights are illuminated by 164 installed LEDs. The new eye-catching Fronpartie reflected mainly in crosshair grille, which emphasizes the aggressive touch of the sports car. A special feature of the Dodge Charger 5.7 Hemi is the MDS system - a selective cylinder deactivation - which should allow fuel savings of about 15 percent in the city. The following equipment lines are available for the Dodge Charger : Charger SE and Rallye, with even the base SE version with air conditioning, ABS, ESP and electric windows are installed in series. The color choice of the Dodge Charger has four tones.