The Edge is coming to Europe

Cologne, September 8, 2015

Ford goes on the offensive and would like to increase the range of SUVs and crossovers. These will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show ( 17 to 27 September 2015), the European version of the Edge. There is also news about Kuga, EcoSport and all-wheel segment.

Ford Edge with IAWD and diesel

The large SUV that Ford had previously reserved for the American market, now comes to Europe. With the debut at the IAA and the launch of mid-2016 Ford in the area of BMW X5, Audi Q7 and Co. want to poach. Here, the Edge is the " intelligent All Wheel Drive "-Allradantrieb ?? short IAWD ?? standard on board. Its sensors measure at a distance of 16 - thousandths of a second, if one wheel loses traction. Accordingly, it is the driving force is distributed steplessly between the front and all-wheel drive. Is powered Edge of a two-liter TDCI diesel engine with either 180 or 210 hp or 400 or 450 Newton meters. There will be both a manual six-speed gearbox and a six-speed dual-clutch transmission.

SUV as prospects for the future

Like many other automakers, Ford will increasingly rely on the SUV segment. So should the next three years, five completely new ?? or at least greatly revised ?? SUV and crossover models come. As objective standards they set themselves: 200,000 sold SUVs in Europe by the end of 2016. Especially the target group to be addressed 17-34 in age, Ford maintains, according to a separate study for more SUV - affine. The first innovations come 2015 and included upgrades for Kuga and EcoSport. When Kuga there are new exterior colors and the SYNC2 infotainment system, and the EcoSport can be optionally eliminated the spare wheel on the tailgate. In addition, the quality of workmanship in the interior and the driving behavior will be greatly improved.

Four-wheel drive in many models

When drive concept Ford familiar now even more on the all-wheel drive, which will be standard or available as an option from 2016 in half of Ford models. By 2016 we expect 50 percent more sales by vehicles with four-wheel drive. The IAWD system is out in the models Edge, Kuga and EcoSport also in the Mondeo, to have the S Max, Galaxy and Transit. The new Focus RS gets in addition to IAWD system nor a " Dynamic Torque Vectoring " program donated. And the Ford Ranger can be a two-stage transfer case 120 km / h between rear-and all-wheel drive switch . ( mf )