Test - Jaguar XJ 3.0 AWD Big Cat with four claws

Big Cat with four claws

All-wheel drive? The suspects then yes probably more at the sister company Land Rover than in the posh cousins ​​of Jaguar. Since last year, the British have, however, just as little on offer. For example, for the large sedan XJ. A sensible investment?

The large luxury sedan in S-class or 7-series format simply means Jaguar XJ. This one has to clarify to preface before, because on our roads, this car is indeed about as rarely found as a Siamese cat in the backyard. The XJ is available as diesel, with a large V8 petrol engine and a 3.0-liter V6, also a petrol engine and a brand new though. And only in combination with this unit luxury predator is also offered in a four-wheel version for a year. Is it worth the extra cost of 4,760 euros? We asked the Jaguar XJ AWD ( All Wheel Drive for ) to the test.

Who orders a vehicle of the upper class, often sits not at the wheel, and if they do, he wants to get maximum comfortable and stress-free destination. A four wheel drive is not as necessary, but helps in inhospitable weather and snow course already on. According restrained the Jaguar engineers have designed developed by Magna Steyr - wheel drive. When the road is dry, sometimes just two percent of the drive power to be routed to the front wheels for starting. And just for starting. Thereafter, the XJ is as usual only driven on the rear paws.

In everyday life, this philosophy has a balancing effect. The jaguar interacts with the 3.0 - liter supercharged awake, reacts to the first few millimeters of the accelerator pedal depressed spontaneous and attracts irresistibly forward. Granted, the alternative offered supercharged V8, the better, but also has the 210 horses under the hood and more cost around 50,000 euros more. In addition, there is not for the over-specify the Jaguar wheel drive.

The then engages if the electronic notices a loss of traction at the rear. Then closes the multi-plate clutch and forwards as much thrust as necessary to the front wheels. This regulates the electronics sovereign both in normal as well as in the dynamic mode, where the Jaguar responds more sharply. There is also a third variant "W" for winter. Sorry, but we have to "N" be stated for Nix: lack white on the road we could not try this option unfortunately. But we like to think that in this case, from time to time equal to 30 percent of torque can be directed to the front.

© JaguarDer XJ occurs against, among others, the Mercedes S-class   Who almost 4,800 euros all-wheel - charge something exciting or even sensational expected to be disappointed in the XJ AWD. After a few kilometers you forget that you drive a vehicle with possible four-wheel drive. Simply because the system usually retains pleasant.

So we now focus times to the vehicle itself and see the same strengths and weaknesses as we know it from the normal XJ. The 3.0-liter is a stunner, but he can pay for his great sound and its dynamics well: in the form of fuel at the gas station. 9.9 liters there are in theory, 0.3 liters is the AWD surcharge. We needed at cautious driving already about 11.5 liters and came on long and fast driven motorway sections sometimes to 14 liters.

With a length of 5.13 meters and a wheelbase of 3.03 meters, the XJ can be no handling miracle, of course. Does he also, the narrow alley, the tight curve and the quick turnaround are not not his metier. More ever bothered us because the slow, outdated navigation system and the pixelated displays of the digital instrumentation. Here we would desire beautiful analog instruments, which are the brand and its history justice.

As a touring sedan, the XJ ( almost) plays against it in the same league as the big German competitors, which he most likely the Audi A8 and its basically something sportiverer interpretation comes closest in character. Without, however, to reach its perfection in processing and noise level.

But who opts for the British cat, also wants to make a statement - one that does not last opposes the supremacy of the German luxury sedans. This works the XJ not bad and with the all-wheel drive has the inclined gentlemen driver now has yet another argument for buying a big cat.


Four-door, five-seat luxury saloon, Length: 5.13 meters Width: 1.90 meters ( with mirrors: 2.10 meters ) Height: 1.46 meters Wheelbase: 3.03 meters, luggage compartment capacity: 520 liters   3.0-liter V6 petrol engine with compressor, 250 kW/340 hp, eight-speed automatic, maximum torque: 450 Nm at 3500-5000 r / min 0-100 km / h: 6,4 s Vmax: 250 km / h ( electronically limited), average fuel consumption: 9.9 liters CO2 emissions: 234 g / km, efficiency class: E, test consumption: 11.4 liters   Price: from 91 880 €     in-sg   MitInhalten from spx