Subtle Lifting from Ingolstadt

Ingolstadt, September 4, 2014

Since 2010, the current Audi A6 travels in the upper midrange segment. Now subjected to the Ingolstadt their business-class a facelift. This may include new engines, transmissions and headlights, and a new infotainment system to the new.

Optical and technical fine-tuning

With the optical changes Audi has retained all A6 versions. The engineers and designers already gave Audi a slightly modified grille and new headlights. In addition, the air intakes, bumpers and side skirts have been discreetly revised. At the rear, showing the invested work hours ?? albeit minimal ?? by the new look of the taillights and tailpipes.

New graphics chip, LTE and Communications Assistant

Both the known configuration options as well as the appearance of the interior are taken from the previous. Also new is a revised eight-inch infotainment system. It works in the future with a Tegra - 30 graphics chip from Nvidia. The internal block Audi connect transmits data via LTE standard. The new A6 also the data exchange between the lane departure warning and lane change assistant was increased. The two driving assistance systems are now working more closely together. In addition, two new interior colors are available ( Flint Grey for A6 models and Arrasrot for the S6 ) to choose from.

" ultra"-Motorangebot

Extensive itself make the changes to the engine range of A6 and A6 Avant. The previous two-liter entry-level diesel with 136 hp, 14 hp more now and want to settle for an average of 4.2 liters of diesel. Also, the base petrol engine is more powerful, efficient and shrinks. The new engine produces from now 1.8 liters ( formerly two liters ) a power output of 190 hp ?? and with a consumption of 5.7 liters of fuel. The efficient engines in the Audi - shelf carry the label " ultra". A total of three petrol engines from 190 to 333 hp and five diesel from 150 to 326 hp are available. All motors now comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard.

News from the control center

All engines work with a newly designed, lightweight and friction poorer six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic. The front-wheel drive, the dual-clutch transmission from the ground also was developed scratch. It will replace the variable " multitronic " in the future. Furthermore, the permanent all-wheel drive "Quattro" can be equipped from an engine of 272 hp with a sports differential.

25 years TDI technology

The eight-speed automatic is only available in the sporty S versions, the Edition model for the 25th anniversary of TDI technology. The available as a sedan or station wagon anniversary car called " competition" is a three-liter twin-turbo diesel engine with 326 hp. Through a boost function, the performance of the V6 can be increased temporarily to 346 hp.

Athleticism cubed: S6, S6 Avant and RS 6 Avant

Sporty with permanent four-wheel it goes in the models S6, S6 Avant and RS 6 Avant forward. The 4.0 twin-turbo V8 generated from the gasoline fueled now 450 horses ?? in the predecessor there were 420 hp. The accelerate the combination in 4.6 seconds to highway speed. The sedan is again 0.2 seconds faster. In the top model, the RS 6 Avant beats the V8 - heart with also four liter combustion chamber volume. By altering the motor control of the muscle man still comes to 560 horsepower. This is possible up to 305 km / h. In addition, the RS 6 Avant has a Mittendiffenzial with higher barrier value, the body is another 20 millimeters lower and there is the option of a firmer RS sports suspension.

Civilized drinking behavior

The average consumption of everyday athletes talk, considering its performance, within limits: 9.2 liter needs of S6, the S6 Avant 9.4 liters and the RS 6 Avant indulges in 9.5 liters on the 100 - kilometer distance. This is achieved civilized drinking behavior by the efficiency - system " cylinder on demand ". It switches at partial load from four of the eight cylinders.

From the road into terrain

Who wants to be not only on the road but also on field and meadow paths, can still fall back on the A6 allroad quattro. The higher specified cross - combination has otherwise subject to additional options such as air suspension and all-wheel drive as standard accessories. Offered is the allroad exclusively with the V6 units: a three-liter petrol engine and a three-liter diesel in three power levels.

Entry prices to market

The basic price for the sedan with the new 1.8 - liter gasoline engine will be 38,400 euros. This is a price increase of 1,200 euros over its predecessor. The A6 Avant starts with the same engine at 40,900 Euros ( plus 1,350 euros ). The A6 allroad quattro, the three-liter diesel version is € 56,650 ( plus 1,250 euros ) is the cheapest alternative. The Audi S6 is with 75,400 Euros ( plus 1,550 euros ), the RS 6 Avant with 108,900 Euro ( plus € 1,000 ) in the list. The delivery of all facelifted A6 models begins in the fall 2014th (ml)