Spanish beauty

Barcelona (Spain), January 31, 2017

He is the face of the new beginning of seat in the 1980s and the icon of the brand par excellence: the Ibiza. Since 1984, more than 5.4 million vehicles have been sold. The expectations facing on the new edition, which stands at the Geneva Motor Show (9 to 19 March 2017) and in June in the sale is higher. Now there's first pictures, and it must be said: these Spaniards is become really chic.

Leon's Dapper brother

Already at the first glance, striking the resemblance to the larger Leon. Damage is that, certainly not, the recently lifted Leon to the bestsellers in the seat program has blossomed. To distinguish (in addition to the format), the new Ibiza is triangular LED daytime running lights, optional, there are similarly shaped LED lights. It is only the small cars in the future as five-door hatchback, according to seat the sleek new design replaced the three-door model.

In the width

The new seat Ibiza uses as the first car in the Volkswagen Group MQB-A0 platform, making it a glimpse of the next VW Polo. The successor of the VW-Up family will use this shorter version of the modular transverse box. We turn to the dimensions: the length of 4.06 meters as well as the height of 1.44 meters remain virtually untouched. The width, however, has tight nine centimetres. It grows at 1.78 meters. By comparison, at the Leon is 1.81 meters. In addition to the platform, this decision provides a clear improvement of the so far moderate space in Ibiza. So the foot space in front of the rear seat offers 35 mm more space and the seats are wider. The trunk grows to 63 litres on a capacity of at least 355 ml. At the same time, the loading edge has been lowered.

Interesting gas-Turbo

The MQB platform, the new Ibiza can use engines from the Leon and the VW Golf. But in the small car class often every euro counts, which is why we go at 65 and 75 HP, each from a suction one liter gasoline engine with three cylinders. 95 and 115 HP fetched from the Turbo variant, from end of 2017 TSI is still a 1.5 with 150 HP and four cylinders. The range of diesel engines is somewhat surprising: here it's 1.6 liter engines with 80, 95 and 115 HP. A first is the 1.0 TSI powered with natural gas, with 90 HP. How is switched? Up to 95 HP 5-speed, there's six gears. A DSG with seven levels is optionally available.

New wizard

The trim levels range from the reference on the FR and Xcellence style to the top versions. Much like at the Leon FR pursued a sporty look, while the same expensive Xcellence places the focus on comfort and technology. This provides us with the key word for the new assistance systems in Ibiza. In the program are an environment observation with city emergency braking, a cruise control with automatic distance control or even an improved rear view camera that transfers your pictures to an eight inch touch screen. Of course also the Smartphone connection with Android should not be missed car or Apple car play. Who likes to listen to music, you should choose the beats audio system with seven speakers and 300-Watt amplifier.

What has changed financially?

For the price of the new Ibiza, seat silent out yet. So far, the five-door hatchback 12.690 euro begins one liter engine with 75 HP in the base version of the nameless. Because in the future, 65 HP mark the base, but has air conditioning and a radio with touchscreen are standard reference equipment, something should change on the euro entry level only minimally. (rh)