Sounds weird, but so

Hamburg, 17 August 2016

A coffee house, which instead of roasted beans and hot drinks sold now old cars? What sounds like the crazy idea of a self-employed private man, Tchibo is the latest special program of the retail giant. Together with the Hamburg classic car specialists takes the company only so long as stocks last some beautiful classic in its sales programme.

The duck to the Mustang

Tchibo has eight different vehicles on offer. A French small car legend marks the entry: the Citro├źn 2CV is "Charleston" with only 46,000 km on the clock to have for 15,500 euros. The closest more expensive model is a VW Beetle from the year 1953 original one-piece rear window with working Winker. The 24 HP crawler to 24,900 euros. 15,000 euro more than 39,900 euro must lovers for the Ford Mustang convertible 1966 lie down. The car comes directly from the United States and ensures driving pleasure with 196 PS from a bubbling V8. Something dynamic is the "Volks-Porsche" 914 to the thing. The freshly restored mid-engined athletes was built in 1973 and stands for 54,900 euros for sale.

Jeep and pagoda

A veteran of a special kind is the Jeep CJ 7 by AMC, which received an H approval despite heights lapping, off-road tyres, reinforced shaft and side pipes. The Orange PlayMobile is equipped with a 6.6-litre V8 and 45,000 euros. 54,900 euros Tchibo pagodas fans can purchase a Mercedes 280SL of series W113 in 1971. The white convertible comes in brown leather with 170 HP and four-speed automatic transmission.

Quick truck and Bulli

Somewhat rustic is in the DKW 3 = 6 quick Vice. The flatbed with tarpaulin should transport everything after the second world war, what had to from A to B. Thanks to a three-cylinder two-stroke engine it goes with 30 HP up to 80 km/h. The price is however quite juicy: Tchibo calls 87,900 euro for the ancestor of all mini-vans. Is more expensive than the VW T1 "Samba bus" 1959 he should for 89.950 euros change hands. The car was restored in fresh, and is equipped with some technical improvements, let it work significantly more agile compared to an original. With the turquoise Interior, you can however argue.

Inspection including

Who now has pleasure on a vintage "to go", which should also know that the first year maintenance including oil change offer is included and is performed when the specialists of in Hamburg. So: Once to go please! (mf)