8 March 1950 rolls - an idea by Ben Pon - the first mass-produced by the band vans : The Volkswagen T1 ! The planned use of the vehicle was amen Godfather : VW Transporter. Under this designation of trades begins his story of success. The Volkswagen T1 quasi thus justified a new type of vehicle and is to this day the leading representative. By the year 1967 in a number of versions in total 1.82 million Volkswagen Transporter of the first type are produced - initially in Wolfsburg, since March 1956 in Hanover. The concept of well VW Bus T1 is mentioned alongside the many variants of the reason for success : cab design with optimal space utilization, rear engine with good grip in rain, snow, ice, sand and... in course on paved roads. This time was just as unique as the air-cooled four-cylinder boxer engine also. The Volkswagen Transporter T1 yet waited in addition with a split windshield, also called split window on. In this website you will find new and used vehicles, including demonstration and cheap classic vintage cars.