Range four cylinder really?

Marseille (France), 23 February 2016

No one currently more than Porsche shocks his loyal fans. And no one gives the traditionally all knowledgeable car journalists are currently more fabric for the eternally young "earlier was all better". Hardly the Zuffenhausen purist has after years of non-return with diesel SUVs, hybrid sedans and turbocharged 911 Carreras from the enthusiasts Rehab fought, the strike should meet at least the popular expert opinion with the recent changes to the new Boxster finally him. Just in time for the 20th anniversary Porsches fond driving machine receives a new engine combination, whose Verpöntheit is almost hard to increase among sports car fans? The talk is of the four-cylinder turbo. 4. Cylinder. Turbo. Help. With three "i". According to tense, I was driving with (and especially listening with) on the first time. If you can buy a Boxster only used or whether this is all as wrong perhaps but not so incidentally for the 911 Carrera, learn now.

Fortunately, there's the past

First we should take care of us but the basics. A little to mitigate the impact of the four-cylinder Porsche summons constantly the own four-cylinder past. It all started with a four-cylinder in the 356 finally. In addition to glue a "718" before the name badge marketing-technically extremely sent the new Boxster. The 718 won in the 50s - and almost everything, what it takes to win races were 1960s (including Le Mans) and that fortunately with a four-cylinder Boxer. And as you would want to visually compensate missing masculinity of two off hand any cylinder, it has ironed 982 series visibly more masculinity, hardness, and objectivity in the sheet metal. Even if it itself is not a new car, it has changed every body part on hood, roof, and trunk lid. Inside, there is a newly formed air vents, steering wheel of the 918 Spyder including mode wheel, as well as the greatly improved PCM navigation Infotainment System.

Waver even less

The landing gear had also comprehensively screwed. Optimized shock absorber, a stiffer rear suspension, wider rear wheels and firmer springs and stabilizers make clear even from the passenger seat in right, that's noticeably less shaking than previously. Also borrowed from the 911 Turbo, ten per cent more direct steering (with the Boxster's own vote) seems to tear the car still directly from one side to the other. Want more spread between comfort and Hadid, you get in the future two adaptive PASM suspension. A ten millimeter deep lapping and a only for the Boxster S with 20 mm south slope. In addition, better brakes gets implanted the 718 Boxster. In the regular Boxster the plant from the old Boxster s delayed in the future The Boxster S Gets the stopper from the 911 Carrera.

Successful ESP sport mode

Also the ESP sport known from the 911 facelift models is new to the 718 Boxster. My chauffeur, engineer Philipp Peglau, is responsible for the application and even though he says the ESP sports mode is not a drift mode, he proves pretty exactly the opposite on the Michelin test track. In other words: even with reserve parachute is so much movement in the rear and the single rules of electronics is remarkably soft and harmonious.

Much more pressure

Now, we should come finally to the point where the spirits still part give one on the cover, before they divorced. Forget everything you have ever heard about Porsche engines, simply because there was never this. Well, in the Porsche 912, there end of the 60's four-cylinder Boxer. And there are currently more than ever at Porsche turbos. But they were looking for a four-cylinder Boxer Turbo in Zuffenhausen so far in vain. The new engine is divided about 60 percent of the idea with the three-liter Twin-Turbo from the new penalty. In the 718 Boxster there's 2.0 litre displacement, 300 HP and 380 nm (35 HP and blatant 100 Newton meters more than in the past), in the 718 Boxster S's 2.5 liter engine, 350 HP and 420 Newton metres (plus 35 HP and 60 nm). Will be switched as previously via six-speed gearbox or seven-speed PDK. The two engines in principle are identical except for the larger bore and the Turbo. In the Boxster a Wastegate loader is come from the usage in the Boxster S a VTG charger (variable turbine geometry) Wastegate as the 911 Turbo. The latter should get better handle the dilemma between "bottom heavy" and "up yet more or less greedy" still a little. The main reason for all the excitement as always is the environment. Despite the significantly improved performance, the new engines to consume up to 13 percent of less. In the best of worlds, talk with dual-clutch transmission, standard thirst in the Boxster to 0.7 to 6.9 liters drops, the Boxster S with 7.3 now consumes 0.9 liters of less.

Better speak

Technically, the Vierzylinderisierung of the Boxster is as expected extremely expensive, therefore will I touch on here only the "big dogs": towards a Porsche dignified response, engineers put inter alia on a kind of bias of the turbos in the partial load range (bypass valve is closed, conduction angle is taken back, throttle remains open) as well as the dynamic boost in 911 Turbo facelift introduced holds function, which when load changes such as the gas RIP ahead of the curve the pressure kostant (suspends fuel injection , but throttle remains open). Furthermore, the 718 driver comes if he since has selected the sport Chrono package, as well as the PDK transmission, now also in the pleasure of a small Knöpfleins on the steering wheel, which makes engine and transmission for 20 seconds on Tabula Rasa. For hopeless... sovereign overtaking or the small power kick in between.

Smart cooling

However, the kapitalste problem between 718 Boxster and turbocharging was cooling. The clearance is namely not so great in the middle of the Boxster. The periphery of a turbo engine is less even despite two cylinder. So opted for an indirect charge air cooling with heat exchanger above the engine. Engine developer Dr. Moritz Martiny says indirect water cooling is probably not quite optimal for longer throttle, keep but more deeply than when conventional direct charge air cooling, the temperature in most situations.

Much faster

All well and good, but how does feel for now so the whole thing in real and road under there? Pretty quickly anyway, that much is certain. Regardless of whether the elasticity and the constant pressure work 718 Boxster or 718 Boxster s: far more powerful than before. Numbers compliant? In the best of worlds, the Boxster will pop in 4.7 seconds 0-100 km/h and in 17.8 seconds, 0-200 km/h. 0.8 or 3.1 seconds faster than ever before. The Boxster S needs still 4.2 respectively 14.7 seconds. An increase of 0.6 and 2.6 seconds. As well you can see from the second square from just, the new four-cylinder turbo depends on very neatly on the gas. The force in the middle of the speed and uniformity of the power are very impressive, say, the daily routine Gebummel or highway cruising in the future will be probably more relaxed. Top out (of 718 Boxster will turn 7,500 tours) seems to be the desire is also hardly flutes the engine, you should not expect more than 6500 RPM however the sparkling speed fireworks of the old six-cylinder vacuum cleaner.

Sound? It's different!

I'm a little ambivalent yet on the subject of sound. What there depending on the variant from one or two central tailpipes, escapes, sounds so totally different, as one that was used from the old B6 cleaner. Especially with the optional sports exhaust system. Not even more hoarse, for this very deep, very solid, almost threatening. With neatly Gespratze and bangs. A channel in the Interior reinforced the frequencies of the four-cylinder turbos, which is not artificial, but seems almost a bit artificial. You almost get the feeling, the 718 Boxster wants to be with more sound riot justified, as were actually needed. He sounds for it clearly replaceable as you previously knew that in the higher speed ranges. But best you make yourself a (sound) image with the attached video.

Stronger variants are likely to follow

Ultimately Porsche has done much faster and pretty sure a bit more fuel efficient more the Boxster with switching to four-cylinder turbos. Small losses in terms of character will probably get over the most customers. If not, then maybe this number helps: the new 718 Boxster is S with 7:42 minutes on the Northern loop of 16 seconds (Yes, really) faster than the old and scratching at the time of the glorious Cayman GT4. And should that still not enough: Motors development Chief Thomas Wasserbäch admitted that this was only the beginning. So, more powerful variants are likely to follow. Where it is still leaves six-cylinder cleaner door for very special versions. The new 718 Boxster prices start at 53.646 euros. The 718 Boxster S costs at least 66.141 euro. Well 2,700 and 3,700 euros are more than before. The market launch of the lifted Boxster is end of April 2016.(sw)