Now the middle class is electrified

Stuttgart, February 2, 2015

While electric cars usually offer too little coverage, have plug-in hybrids in addition to a rechargeable battery also a Nitro on board, with which you can cover longer distances. Now, Mercedes after the S 500 Plug-in Hybrid, a second model with this concept on the market. It 's short and sweet C 350 E ?? the new Mercedes - nomenclature see the explanatory epithet plug-in hybrid is no longer available. With the new model Mercedes offers the VW Passat GTE (including the anticipated Audi A4 derivative) and the planned plug-in version of the BMW 3 Series Paroli.

Only about 30 kilometers electric drive

As C 350 E, both sedan and station wagon have a fuel consumption of just 2.1 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. That sounds great, but just in plug-in hybrid models, the fuel consumption is not very meaningful ?? Finally, you can drive all-electric car with such a well and then uses absolutely no fuel. Without the engine, however, to get the new Mercedes anyway not further than 31 kilometers. Then the 6.4 kilowatt hours summary lithium - ion battery is empty. You can charge it at a wall box in about one and a half hours or a regular power outlet in about two hours.

strong torque

The four-cylinder petrol engine in the C 350 E draws from nearly two liter capacity 211 hp and has 350 Nm of torque. The electric motor controls at 60 kW and 340 Nm. Together they form a system output of 205 kW or 279 hp and a system torque of 600 Newton meters. With this enormous torque of the novice is even better than the most powerful diesel in the C-Class. And you can take all C-Class models in the sprint against each other, the plug-in version achieved a respectable fourth place: the AMG C 63 and C 63 couples S is the fastest at 4.1 and 4.0 seconds, follows the C 400 with 5.2 seconds and then climb the C 350 e 5.9 seconds.

Four modes and five driving modes

The drive system automatically selects the optimum combination of straight internal combustion engine and electric motor. Here, the road ahead is considered when a destination is programmed in the navigation system. But the driver can also intervene in the interaction of the components ?? if it is not too complicated to him, because he has the choice of four modes (hybrid, electric mode, E-Save and batch ) and five driving modes.

The accelerator pedal fights

The most economical car is useless if you are uncontrolled gas. Therefore Mercedes builds a so-called haptic gas pedal: It has a noticeable pressure point before switching the engine. A double pulse prompts the driver to get off the throttle ?? for example, if the standard distance warning system detects a slower moving vehicle.

Air suspension and pre standard

Launch for the new C 350 e is in March 2015. He can be equipped as well as the other C-Class models. Standard but here are the Airmatic air suspension and a preconditioning on board. The C 350 e can be ordered now at a price of € 50,962 for the sedan and 52,628 euros for the T model. By comparison, the most powerful diesel model C 250 BlueTec with 204 hp and 500 Newton meters is obtained for 44,030 or 42,602 euros . ( sl)