New small the class limits is to blow car

Berlin, 16. June 2017

the niche vehicles such as the Nissan Juke can risk in the Design, but the volume models to meet the mass taste. Paradoxically, polarize but even such cars: there's the one that say: "How boring, just like the old one". And the other, the familiar over still, but refreshed Design features. So also in the new VW Polo.

Almost as much Luggage capacity as the Golf

But first, the Numbers: the sixth Generation of The small car is 4,05 meters in length. In order to grow compared to the predecessor by a whopping eight inches. Also, the trunk volume increases significantly: Instead of 280, there are now 351 litres – in a Golf 30 liters more not fit. Even at maximum volume – it should be around 1.165 litre offers the Polo a little less than a Golf (1.270 litres). Technically, the Polo is also far behind the big brother. The Highlight is the Active Info Display, which held Recently in the Golf is here. The approach to the compact car for a reason: The two cars share the Basis of the Modular Transverse matrix (MQB).

The three-door model is eliminated

Visually, the new Polo looks especially edgier and "more precise". This is due to the sharp sheet metal folding, which are embossed into the sheet metal. One of them is stretched almost to the whole body – from the right of the front fenders through the door handles, the gas cap, the rear lights and the rear lights up to the left front fender. Unlike in the past, the Polo is always a five-door, three-door hatchback (like the new Seat Ibiza, which is also based on the MQB).

New engines: 1.5 TSI, 2.0 TSI, 1.6 TDI and natural gas

The new Polo successively receives nine different engines. As before, the 1.0-Liter three-cylinder engine (with a 65 or 75 HP instead of 60 or 75 HP). Also known is the 1.0 TSI, there is now a 95 or 115 HP (95 or 110 HP). The 1.2 TSI with 90 or 110 HP is eliminated. The 150 HP strong 1.4 TSI BlueGT is replaced by the new 1.5 TSI with the same power. The Polo GTi is the 1.8 TSI soaked with 192 HP and 200 HP 2.0 TSI. Also two Diesel, the 1.4 TDI (75, 90 or 105 PS), however, is replaced by the 1.6 TDI (80 or 95 HP). For the first time, the Polo also with natural-gas drive: The 1.0 TGI makes 90 HP. All of the engines from 95 HP can be combined with DSG.

The wheels are smaller again

As usual, there is the equipment Trendline, Comfortline and Highline, as well as the special model Beats, and a sporty R-Line package. Surprisingly, the Trendline base version will now roll on smaller wheels: series are now 14 instead of 15-inchers. The daytime running lights working with LED technology, in addition, a speed limiter, and a City emergency braking system with pedestrian recognition. The base price rises by only about 200 Euro on 12.975 Euro. Comfortline top saddles, as previously, a Radio and air conditioning. Here is a 15-inch series, but apparently no alloy wheels as in the past. Also on the Highline, there is a wheel-Malus: Instead of 16-inch-alloy wheels 15-inch alloy wheels mounted.

14 exterior colors and colorful "Dashpads"

The new Polo is highly individualized. So there are 14 paint colors, twelve rims (partly in contrasting color) from 14 to 18 inches. Inside, there is now "Dashpads" as in Up and in Ibiza, and in 17 different finishes. Two Innentrims and eleven different seat covers.

Switchable dampers, blind spot assist and more

The high-tech offering is for a small car is impressive. The Active Info Display has already been mentioned. LED headlights and adaptive cruise control, there have already been, but the Latter is now up to a speed of 210 to be activated. Quite new to the "Sport Select"suspension with switchable dampers. Also added a Keyless entry and start system, a blind spot warning system and a shunting and braking function, which protects from small (but expensive) Park pushes. The latest Infotainment Generation with Display sizes from 6.5 to 8.0 inch so far was at six inches. Also new is "WePark", a System for cashless Parking via the App. This works initially only in Berlin, but Hamburg and Cologne to follow. Market launch for the new Polo is even 2017. (sl)