More electronics and new diesel

Hanover, April 15, 2015

With nearly 31,000 pieces of VW T5 was in 2014 the best selling car in its class ?? again, one might add bored, because it has been for decades like that. After twelve years of T5, the sixth generation of the VW bus now comes on the market. The T6 is as usual as a commercial vehicle, available as a shuttle Version Caravelle, Multivan car for leisure as well as camping van California.

Familiar extent familiar look

Visually, little has changed in the car ?? in a model of success, there is just no reason to do so. Even with the external dimensions of the car remains true. Depending on the wheelbase of the truck is 4.89 or 5.29 meters long ?? These are exactly the same values ​​as before. Four chassis heights (standard, two inches deep, four inches deep and three inches higher ) are offered here come standard roof, medium high roof and high roof. The loading volume are 3500-9300 liters. The range of models is higher than ever: The different engine variants arise over 500, and there is now 17 instead of eleven exterior colors.

New commercial vehicle diesel

Speaking of engines: The program still includes a 2.0 TDI and 2.0 TSI. However, the diesel is not known from many car models aggregate, but a completely new drive with the label " EA288 useful", which is specially designed for the harsh commercial vehicle everyday. Offered are the steps 84, 102, 150 and 204 hp, the top version has two turbos. On average, the consumption has been reduced by one liter. Especially economical is the ( lowered, weight-reduced and reduced rolling resistance ) BlueMotion version with 102 hp, which is to do with 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

Do not forget AdBlue Nachkippen!

To meet the Euro 6 standard, with all diesels an AdBlue system is used, the 13-liter additive tank for about 7000 km would be. VW calculated here with a consumption of 1.8 liters per 1,000 kilometers. This is rather high, since at Mercedes called us a value of about one liter per 1,000 kilometers. Either way Frequent 'll have to refill several times a year.

known petrol

The gasoline engine with the designation EA888 is known from the predecessor. It is available with 150 or 204 hp. Depending on the power the motors are coupled to a five-or six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed DSG. Many versions can be ordered with all-wheel drive system instead of the standard front wheel drive. All variants come standard with a start-stop system.

Technology Upgrades

Otherwise, now the VW bus benefits from modern electronics. So there is now an additional charge adaptive damper ( DCC), which can be adjusted in three steps. Optionally, the anti-collision program Front Assist, an adaptive cruise control and a city emergency braking function are available. For an additional fee takes over the camera-controlled Light Assist the high and low beam headlight. Also drowsiness detection and rearview camera are available, and for the 4Motion vehicles a hill descent assist. In addition, a heated windscreen and LED headlights are offered. In addition, a new infotainment generation pulls a. The 6.3-inch display of the upscale "Composition Media " system supports gesture control and can be supplemented by a navigation module or an app support also.

Multivan with swivel seats

The recreational version Multivan has in the second row depending on the variant one or two swiveling single seats. To rotate, it is not necessary to remove the seat. Removing the furniture can, however, even if a lot of space is needed. In the third row, there are standard with a three-seat bench, which can optionally be replaced with single seats. The price list is also a roller-mounted deck seats that move as a whole and by flattening the rest can repurpose the sun. The basic version ?? it is now called Trendline instead start line ?? has still always a sliding door in the rear, at the Comfort Line can be a second option of ordering and the Highline top version has two sliding doors that open and close electrically. The tailgate can optionally be operated electrically.

Luxurious special model for launch

At launch, VW offers the luxurious special model generation Six. It is based on the Multivan Comfortline and also has LED headlights, fog lights and a chrome package. Optional two-color finishes as well as 18 - inch alloy wheels in a retro design are available. Park beeper front and rear, Totwinkelwarner, adaptive cruise control and the Composition - media system are standard, as Alcantara upholstery, heated seats and automatic climate control. Whether special or series Model: For prices and market launch date of the VW does not have any information. So far cost the cheapest Multivan, equipped with a 84 hp diesel, 32,284 euros . ( sl)