Look to the Future: Peugeot 208

Peugeot-lovers have a large red circle to the first two weeks of march next year. Peugeot sets during the upcoming edition of the Geneva motor Show namely very likely the brand-new 208 to the world!

The 208 that you are currently in the showrooms of Peugeot, is there since 2012. The compact hatchback in 2015 gefacelift, where the design of the car with a gentle hand was bijgepunt Although the model its name retains, it remains literally nothing with the old.

That obviously has to do with the platformwissel that Peugeot for the 208 has scheduled The current model is still on PSA's EMP1-basis, which we name in 2003 for the first time heard of when it was applied to the Citroën C3. Cars like the Citroën C3, C4 Cactus, and Opel Crossland X currently make use of a highly modernized EMP1 basis. Groupe PSA throws the now permanently in the trash. The French company allows the 208 to get acquainted with it together with the Chinese giant Dongfeng developed CMP platform, a new technical basis, where the already presented DS 3 Crossback. The new basis is very relevant, because the development is taken into account with the advent of electrified models. The DS 3 Crossback is there as a fully electric E-Tense, and in 2017, it was already confirmed that 2019 will be the year also of the 208 an EV version appears. If the powertrain of the E-Tense is a premonition of that of the electric 208, then this means that also the second smallest model of Peugeot a 50 kWh large battery pack in its bottom, that zest for life offers a 135-hp and 260 Nm strong electric motor. Expect a range of about 300 km. For the electric variant of the CMP platform is also the indication of the e-CMP is used. For the first time in history gets the compact French submission also an originally German brother: the Opel Corsa!

Back to the 208. The new platform provides undoubtedly for weight reduction, but don't expect the car more than 100 pounds to lose weight compared to the current model. For whom the above-described electric version, to be progressive, Peugeot undoubtedly an extensive range of PureTech gasoline engines on the menu, which capabilities of between roughly 80 and 150 hp are going to deliver. We see no reason to think that Peugeot unplug the power cord from the diesel engine pulls. Take care, therefore, on the arrival of a selection of Blue HDi-zelfontbranders. Of course, there is also a GTi in the barrel, a heetgebakerde implementation that is expected to be about 220 hp from a blown 1.6 will be squeezed. Reportedly gets this GTi version also an electric GTi-brother. It is in the run-up to Geneva undoubtedly more well-known.

Nowadays, seem the car manufacturers no salvation more to see in driedeursvarianten and that means that also the new 208 only as a five-door available. Of the current generation 208 cut Peugeot earlier this year, the driedeurs all from his portfolio. For the look of the 208 features Peugeot is inspired by study models as the Instinct Concept and the new 508. The new 208 is shaking the curves of the current generation, and the car seems to have a straighter back to get the approximately four-metre long hatchback a bit more ease of use. Once on the market, the 208 was getting ready for a fierce competition. Not only will the model cars like the Volkswagen Polo and the Ford Fiesta before him, but also the fresh Renault Cio at that time in the showroom.