Little car for a lot of money?

Stuttgart, July 31, 2014

Two weeks after the world premiere of the small city car Smart Fortwo and Forfour Daimler AG has taken out with their price expectations. Under 11,000 euros does not sound much at first. But the price is performing compared to the competition from Hyundai, VW and Renault? The 1998's, at that time still quite unrivaled small car has got, now get powerful company in its segment.

basic equipment

The Fortwo is priced at the level of its predecessor? at 10,895 euros in the base. His five-door colleague Forfour will start from 11,555 euros. But what you get for these sums except a 71-hp three-cylinder petrol engine in conjunction with? at Smart a novelty for 2014? a manual transmission? Right, not much.

Naked Mile

The smart models have at least one LED daytime running lights. To this end, a central locking, cruise control and a trip computer are installed as standard equipment. But not even a radio in it and preparing for it ( even in a bare Dacia Sandero standard) an extra charge and hits with 120 euros. The five-door basis related Renault Twingo, however, is in the initial version are available from the merchants as early as 9,590 euros. If you put the Twingo for the base price of a Smart on the table, one can already get an equipment line with infotainment system, Bluetooth and navigation. In Smart, the comparable system costs 1,100 euros extra.

Once fully make please

Who loads the Smart Fortwo with all the options that are possible, pays 18,982 euros proud. There is then a reversing camera in conjunction with acoustic parking aid. Sign would be the question: Do we need it or really treat yourself to the price rather not half naked Dacia Sandero?

What is the competition doing?

A fully-equipped five-door Hyundai i10 you can make for about 15,070 euros in the garage. A comparable VW Up with the optional navigation system (390 euros ), air conditioning (910 euros ), a panoramic glass roof ( 890 euros ), leather (780 euros ) and 16 - inch alloy wheels (425 euros ) makes all in all 14.770 €.


Deliveries of the first smart models from 22 November 2014. The turbo engine with 90 hp will follow in December. Who wants a dual-clutch transmission or the weaker 60 hp engine, must be patient until the spring of 2015. (ml )