Korea competitor of the Opel cross country X holt start-up

Frankfurt, June 7, 2017

Kia Sportage and Sorento has two SUVs in the range, but a third will be added soon. While the Sorento is a counterpart to the great VW Touareg and the Sportage with the VW Tiguan competes, the third Kia SUV is mapped to the B-segment, so the small car class. It is an equivalent to the Audi Q2, Opel cross country X or Renault Captur.

Rapid strengthening through new key

The car called a crossover model of KIA will bear the name of Stonic. The name is from the manufacturer as a combination of the English words "speedy" (fast, quick-acting) and "tonic" (tonic) explains: the agile newbie to get a new key in the game. The second meaning of "tonic", namely "tonic", is not mentioned by KIA, is also true: the car increases the Korean SUV range.

Skid plate and diffuser combination

By car, the manufacturer will show only two sketches. The high window line and the Beefy look with many edges and sharp lines are conspicuous at the SUV. The rear looks sporty and marked, black parts of the wheel arches and sills, as well as the silver "skid" recall off-roader. He comes back as exaggerated massive diffuser with integrated exhaust pipes.

Extremely configurable

The Interior shows KIA any pictures yet, but promises matching straight lines "supple" designed interfaces, and lots of space to the exterior. The Smartphone, as well as many vehicle functions can be controlled via a quasi free-standing, outstanding from the central console touch screen. Outside as inside to the Stonic "so many individual design possibilities offer like no KIA previously". Bi-colour paint finishes are available already for the KIA soul, the Stonic is so also in the exterior mirrors of colors and other details variable be similar to a Nissan Juke.

Same basis as Hyundai Kona

The new Stonic should arrive in the autumn 2017 on the market. Judging from the length difference between (4.78 meters) Sorento and Sportage (4.48 meters), then the Stonic should be about 4.18 meters long. Thus he would fight more Mocha (4.28 meters) the Opel Crossland (4.21 meters) as against the Opel. Other competitors would be Nissan Juke (4.17 m), Peugeot 2008 (4.16 meters) and Renault Captur (4.12 meters). The Stonic is likely based on the same platform as the Kona, the small SUV from Hyundai partner brand. So far only hazy images exist of this, but the car will be unveiled on June 13. The Stonic follows a week later on June 20. (sl)