Renault Captur

Renault Captur with the French company wants in the lifestyle SUV segment 's foothold and exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 an initial study. Summer 2013 was the birth of the Renault Captur crossover THAN car that will appeal to young drivers, which is also the Opel Mokka Audi Q1 or advised. For this purpose, the design was oriented according to the target group : The Renault Captur comes with rounding up smartly therefore, smooth transitions stylize the SUV catches the eye. Factory of Renault Captur car rolls on 19-inch alloy wheels from the factory, a MP3 sound system, climate control and various assistance systems are also part of the repertoire of the crossover. For the drive, the group offers an innovative engine for the Renault Captur bargain : Under the hood slumbers a comprehensive four-cylinder 1.6-liter diesel engine. The engine achieved using common rail technology and twin turbochargers, a potential of 160 hp and delivers a powerful 380 Nm of torque. According to factory specifications Along with the economical consumption of strong-ignition engine in a Renault Captur to only 99 grams of CO ² per kilometer emitted.

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