Ford brings one of three cylinders in the bed

Cologne, 2. December 2016

Cylinder cut-offs are known for many years with eight cylinders, and VW paralysing two of four cylinders in the ACT-variant of the 1.4 TSI (for example in the Polo BlueGT). But now, Ford presents a world innovation: a three-cylinder with cylinder shut-off. The technology innovation is the among the innovations in the upcoming Fiesta. The well-known 1.0 liter turbo gasoline engine to disable a combustion chamber from beginning of 2018 as the world's first three cylinder, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

Reactivation within of 14 milliseconds

When only low engine performance is required such as slow or was rolling at a constant pace, the cylinder shut-off stops automatically the fuel injection, as well as the valve actuation for one of three combustion chambers. The shut-off and turning on a cylinder takes place within just 14 milliseconds and 20 times faster than a human blink. Ford uses including a proprietary two mass flywheel and a vibration-damping coupling washer to combat vibration. So the cylinder shut-off for the inmates to be practically imperceptible. Also the performance to develop harmonious and smoothly.

Cylinder number one goes to sleep

It sounds so simple the concept, the technical implementation is so demanding. So have to work the shutdown even at high speeds of up to 4,500 rpm. In this area, open and close the valves almost 40 times per second. The system uses engine oil pressure, through a special valve rocker arm to break the connection between the camshaft and the valves of the first cylinder. A software calculates the optimal timing for surgery. Thereby, including rpm, throttle position and load State be taken into account. The three pot cylinder shut-off in cooperation with the supplier Schaeffler was developed.

Six percent less consumption

"Through the cylinder shut-off and thus variable displacement on the one hand full power and torque available are the driver, if he needs it. When less power is needed, he enjoys the consumption benefits of a smaller engine", explains Denis Gorman, developers of the Ford engines. "Our calculations show that the system in the vast majority driving scenarios only for a few seconds is activated. It was all the more important that it works quickly and seamlessly. We see in the cylinder shut-off"a fuel - and therefore also emission savings of up to six percent.

20 percent of the Ford models take 1.0 EcoBoost

The 1.0 EcoBoost focus was introduced in the Ford 2012. The gasoline direct injection engine has a variable camshaft timing (TI-VCT) and is offered with 100, 125 and 140 HP. He is currently in the Fiesta, focus, Ecosport, B-Max, C-Max and Grand C-Max, and even in the Mondeo, as well as in various vans models is used. The motor drives 20 percent of all Ford models sold in Europe in 2015, be accounted for at the Fiesta even 40 percent. (sl)