Fleet car for Forza 7

Munich, 17. January 2018

Over 700 models, many well-known race tracks and great playability: For car-loving owner of a Xbox One console from Microsoft is a Must in the video game Forza Motorsport 7. Now there are new vehicles, which are for various reasons very interesting.

Video games as a Marketing tool

Long ago, the auto companies have discovered a great racing game series such as Forza and the Playstation rival, Gran Turismo. Porsche, for example, is likely to have a lot invested, so that the new 911 GT2 RS is in the world depicted on the Cover of Forza Motorsport 7. Hyundai also uses Forza 7 for the clever Marketing: Hardly the 2019er Veloster was at the auto show NAIAS in Detroit (15. to 28. January 2018) have been revealed, because of him millions of video game fans were able to download free of charge for your fleet. Both the Veloster Turbo and the Veloster N are German Fans, the real, for the US market, provided the vehicle will not receive in this country. You can look at, as well as potential for Ami customers both vehicles extensively, and one of the factory colors to choose. In addition, the hood, the tailgate and the doors open. Even a kind of seat with engine start-up is possible, finally, for a test drive on the screen.

A car packet from the pizza man

Not free, unfortunately, there are the "Totino's Car Pack". You don't know "Totino's"? No Problem, this is a US-American pizza manufacturer, which is sponsoring the car pack for Forza 7. An interesting advertising effect, so that gives the player an exciting vehicle Mix. Seven cars total: the 2017er BMW Team RLL M6, racing, whose real role model Glen in Watkins Glen, Mosport, and Laguna Seca has won. From the year 1997, the Lotus Elise GT1 that competed against the GT1 racers from Mercedes and Porsche comes from. Only a single road-registered example was built, the seven Motorsport vehicles suffered from a lack of reliability.

Japan-legend and lightweight 911

Just a few of the Nissan R380 II 1967 is likely to be known. Its roots lie in the Japanese brand Prince, which developed the racing car R380 against the Porsche 904. With the Acquisition in 1966, the concept was Nissan, where it the R380-II was. Remarkably, the combination of a modified Brabham Chassis and aluminum body. Only 86 units were built in 1993 by the Porsche 911 Turbo S lightweight construction based on the 964 series. A lot of Kevlar reduced the weight compared to a normal 911 Turbo S is around 200 kilograms.

With the duck around the corner

Special highlights are the "Totino's Car Pack" is for old-timer friends. In the meantime, hardly yet known to the type 3 VW is the brand in the 1960s, the beetle promoted operated. In "Forza Motorsport 7" is a 1967 VW 1600 L with 54 HP. Considerably calmer, the other two vehicles approach: The Subaru 360, also known as "Ladybug" (ladybug), was the first car of the brand. Despite a 360-cubic-Motörchens with 23 HP, 10,000 copies were even in the United States. Long ago the cult of the duck, so the Citroën 2CV. Video player can hunt for the French vehicles, even on the Nordschleife. Remains to hope, that it is the 1970s version of the Top-2CV6 with 28 HP.(rh)