Especially under the hood

Munich, May 7, 2015

My goodness, how time flies! The BMW 3 Series, the propeller icon, is 40. Yes, really. And because you have to hew to a round anniversary neatly on the plaster, the Munich spendieren their favorite child a big facelift. Finally, the current 3 Series (codename F30 ) also again three and a half years on the beautiful humpback. Just because the boss ( and also all the rest ) is so beautiful, the facelift - 3 comes out visually with minimal sanding. The new front and rear aprons you will probably see only at a second glance. There are subtle changes in headlights (optional full - LED lighting and camera-based main beam assistant) as well as standard LED taillights. Inside, it's the same game: A few extra chrome accents and glossy surfaces bring something more luxurious ambiance of the 3 - pulpit. In addition, newly placed cupholders facilitate the fight against dehydration.

Revised drives vigorously

So far, so unspectacular. But if it fits, it fits halt. This is actually also for the drives of BMW 's bestseller. Nevertheless, one has but once aired really in engines and transmissions. Both the ZF eight-speed automatic and six-speed manual gearbox have been revised. The automatic is now talking with the navigation system, what ?? For example, before intersections or roundabouts ?? should lead to consumption-optimized switching times. They also can continue to sail and also perform in Sport Plus mode multiple sequential circuits down. Handset fans ( especially those whose hoe - tip technology is still upgradable ) are pleased with the new double-declutching function when downshifting.

For the first time with three-cylinder

Much far-reaching the engine works, however, have between them carved on its core competence, because under the hood remains little as it was. All units are now based on BMW's newly developed, modular engine family with Einzelhubräumen of 500 cubic centimeters per cylinder. The entry marks the future of the Mini and the BMW 1 Series known 1.5 - liter three-cylinder ( That's right: three ( ) cylinder! ) As 318i with 136 hp and 220 Newton meters. It accelerates the sedan in just 8.9 seconds to 100 km / h creates 210 km / h top. The fuel consumption is in the best case at 5.0 liters, and thus about 13 percent below the previous four-cylinder base model 316i.

New six-cylinder in the 340i

Except for the 431 hp six-cylinder in the M3 and all other gasoline engine are completely new developments. The two-liter four-cylinder in the 320i 184 hp and 290 Newton meters and the 330i ( 328i solves the ab) 252 hp and 350 Newton meters. Also very fresh is the 3.0 - liter six-cylinder turbo with 326 hp and 450 Newton meters at 340i. He brings 20 HP and 50 Newton meters more than the old 335i, but is reduced to ten percent less fuel. From zero to 100 km / h takes with eight-speed automatic is now still 5.1 instead of 5.5 seconds.

New savings - diesel with 3.8 liter fuel consumption

On Diesel side has forced the 116 hp 316d to 3.9 liter average fuel consumption. The 320d now has 190 hp and 400 Nm. He should make do with 4.0 liters on average. New austerity King is the 163 hp 320d EfficientDynamics Edition, is to come to a consumption of 3.8 liters and a CO2 emission of 99 grams per kilometer thanks to some fuel saving gimmicks ( the new Jaguar XE with identical values ​​can greet ), In the four other diesel 318d, 325d, 330d and 335d values ​​moderately everything remains the same. Four-wheel drive 320i is for models 330i, 340i, 320d and 330d to have optional. When monstrous pushing top diesel 335d with 630 Newton meters it is series.

Plug-in hybrid in 2016

Friends of alternative drive may rejoice at the beginning of 2016. Then, the first BMW 3 Series starts with plug-in hybrid. The 330e spans the 184-horsepower four-cylinder of 320i together with a 80 - kW electric motor and brings it to a system output of 252 hp and 420 Newton meters. BMW promises a zero - to - 100 - km / h - value of 6.3 seconds as well as 225 km / h top. And. At 2.1 liters fuel consumption, 49 grams per kilometer of CO2 and an electric range 35 kilometers Should the 330e, as is rumored eager to be in the range of 40,000 euros, he would actually propagated by BMW " Efficiency milestone ".

sportier tuning

We do not know whether BMW has felt the hot breath of a new Jaguar vehicle dynamics XE, definitely was in Munich filed on suspension and steering to make the yodel-lifted 3 Series a little ragged around the curve. Revised damper, a firmer chassis layout and a retuning of the electromechanical steering to sharpen the driving experience, without causing loss of comfort. This applies to the standard suspension as well as for the M sports suspension and the Adaptive Dynamics.

3 facelift may LTE

And what does the new 3 Series in terms of " connectivity "? The great Navi is now faster and teachable. It also supports the LTE and shows off free map updates for the first three years. Another new feature is the optional, full-color head-up display and a parking assistant that helps now in cross - parking spaces.

Launch in July 2015

Optically only subtly freshened, the facelifted BMW 3 Series therefore especially with efficient and powerful drives is try to compete with the Mercedes C-Class, the appearing end of 2015 Audi A4 and the new Jaguar XE. Since July 25, 2015, the revamped 3 Series sedan and Touring will be available. 3er GT and the 4 should be relatively promptly follow. Prices for the 3 Series start at 30,200 euros for the three-cylinder 318i. These are 550 euros more than for the previous base 316i. The cheapest diesel is the 316d, which is exactly 750 euros more expensive with 32,600 Euro base price. The touring surcharge is 1,700 euros. By comparison, the cheapest Mercedes C-Class with 129 - horsepower gasoline engine will cost at least 31,684 euros, the Jaguar XE starts 200 - horsepower gasoline engine at 36,450 euros . ( sw )