Drive superior driving dynamics in the Panamera prototype

Superior driving dynamics

As Porsche had to slip in after Wendelin Wiedekings terrific failed takeover attempt in the VW brand group, the fears were great: the soul of the brand was at stake, it was over with independence. But those who believed that wealthy small buns would be baked in Zuffenhausen, a better teach himself let: Porsche is as excellent in the Group - and shapes even other brands in the future. Again, this is the result of our ride in a prototype of the next Porsche Panamera.

With the Panamera of second-generation, Porsche launched the modular standard kit, an architecture that will come upon the own brand also used at the same time. The platform is still nothing in common with its predecessor: it is lighter, more rigid and comes with a sophisticated electronics architecture that sets standards even in the environment of automotive luxury.

The Panamera offers a complete networking of electronic driving dynamics and assistance systems, where the systems constantly communicate and interact - the traffic jam Assistant and semi autonomous driving features on the Smartphone networking to the electric power steering, and the optional three Chamber air suspension.

It is operated via a newly proposed user interface. Porsche at its predecessor ran an unusually conservative approach with many buttons and switches, so the brand traces a huge leap forward with the new model front: in addition to a sophisticated language input, there is a freely configurable in 12.3 inch Central screen with Annäherungssensorik, which sits above the center console and a center console with a touch-sensitive surface in the Panamera. Numerous functions can be selected here. Porsche generously dispenses with redundant buttons. Interestingly, Porsche has almost completely refused on the cheesy-looking 3D effects, which other manufacturers like to put to the test.

Entering navigation destinations is very innovative. The intelligent system recognizes the driver's intention, fed by different parameters, in advance. The instrument before the driver is characterized by the centrally mounted tachometer; left and right are mounted seven-inch screens. Despite the new operating concept, Porsche has maintained the aesthetic quality of the predecessor cockpit (which unfortunately also applies to the visually disturbing stop watch, which is mandatory with the sport Chrono package).

The concept of the touch-sensitive surface continues also in the rear, in any case, if the Panamera according to specified. There you can sit by the way, very comfortable: the four-door sedan is also generous cut like its predecessor and offers top-class space. The Coupé-like winning sedans like an Audi A7, BMW 6 series Gran Coupé and Mercedes-Benz CLS can here do not match. By the way, also the trunk has grown - from 445 proud 500 litres.

While the new Panamera inside bigger acts, as it suggests his design, the sedan looks to shrink if the driver on the valance shoot the reins can be formal. The newly developed suspension is athletic, allows a large spread of the driving characteristics but particularly in conjunction with the optional three Chamber air suspension. If it should be athletic, shrinks the lateral inclination to zero, and the Panamera drives like a supercar. On the other hand, you can be on the road also very comfortable.

Completely newly developed machines from the modular Group provide propulsion. The launch comes the Panamera with a 440 HP strong 3.0 liter V6 Bi Turbo and a 550 HP strong 4.0 liter V8 Bi Turbo and a 4.0-liter V8 TDI with around 420 HP on the market. Later, a 3.0-liter V6 with single-Turbo, as well as a 3.0 litre V6 TDI will be filed later. In addition, Porsche will bring a Plug-In Hybrid, you want to draw on the experience gained with the super sports cars 918. In the later coming Turbo S is the V8 turbo gasoline engine on good 600 HP leistungsgesteigert. In terms of longitudinal Dynamics allow Stuttgart from anyone something get before, especially on the Vmax regulation is traditionally dispensed.

The Panamera looks good

The prototype photos can convey it imperfectly: Porsche has fixed sustained the unflattering shape of its predecessor. While the dimensions are nearly identical, grew the wheelbase by 30 millimeters; the roof drops more and is above the rear passengers by proud 20 millimeters lower, without corresponding losses in the Interior. The window graphic reminds us now the 911, and with horizontal LED elements in the headlights and the Panamera is the flat rear lights more powerfully and more beautiful than before. The design could be in the future the purchase argument.

In the future there will be a long version and for the first time a four-door station wagon, the Stuttgart already 2012 sports Turismo have anticipated with the study. Even a two-door model is conceivable.

With his new operating concept, after sharper design and outstanding driving dynamics, it slightly likely to be the Panamera not only maintain its position in the market, but to expand again. There are official pictures at the end of June; the flagship is delivered, probably from early 2017.