Briton roars in green hell

Nurburgring, July 30, 2014

If you read the terms range gearing, fording depth 85 inches, all-wheel drive and green hell, one might think, Jaguar Land Rover would straight into planning an expedition into the impenetrable rain forests of central Africa. Far from it in the last optimizations of the Range Rover Sport SVR on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, it goes solely to the fine-tuning of the British SUV Dick ship, higher performance and faster lap times.

Straightway in the Eifel

In June 2014 they did not begrudge the Range Rover Sport SVR a break from the Nürburgring and presented at the " Goodwood Festival of Speed" his previously developed performance skills to the test. But after that it was for the 550 bhp V8 SUV straight back to the Eifel to make the final preparations for the launch.

Record run around the Nürburg

During the test phase of the ongoing sports SVR has now established a new personal best for SUVs on the 20.8 km long circuit. The pre-series production model reached on the wavelength range that spans more than 70 curves, a lap time of eight minutes and 14 seconds? new record. The obese Brite is faster than an Aston Martin DB9 ( 8:16 minutes) and only slightly slower than a Porsche Cayman R ( 8:10 minutes).

Performance model

"The new Range Rover Sport SVR has impressively demonstrated that it occurs on the street like a true performance model," says the chief engineer of Land Rover, Mike Cross. By 2015, the preparations will take another, then everyone who has deep enough pockets can run the fastest off-road SUV with Nordschleife testing for personal test drive. (ml )