Big surprise, when the victory

Stuttgart, June 1, 2016

It's time again: the coveted "international engine of the year awards" were presented In the framework of the "engineexpo2016" in Stuttgart. The awards for the best engines in eight engine, three special - and a whole class went to eight different manufacturers. The big winner comes from Italy. The winners were chosen by 62 jury members from around the world.

The classes from under one to two liters

With its three-cylinder EcoBoost turbo engine in the class up to a litre cubic capacity, Ford made the race. The engine is being used among other things in the Fiesta and the Ecosport. On the courts, two and three landed units of VW and BMW. In the area went up 1.4 litre cubic capacity the trophy to the PSA group for its 1.2 liter three-cylinder turbo engine, which drives such as the Peugeot 208. BMW and VW completed the podium. Engines between 1.4 and 1.8 litre BMW celebrated a double victory with the 1.5-liter three-cylinder hybrid of i8 on number one on the overall winner by 2015 and the 1.5-liter turbo at number two. The third place went to Audi. Mercedes-AMG snatched the victory in the category up to two litres for the two-litre engine of A 45 AMG. Audi and Volvo landed on the following sites. The new four-cylinder Boxer engine in the Porsche 718 Boxster made it only on fourth place.

From two to over four litres

In the class between two and 2.5 liters of displacement, Audi won with his five-cylinder turbo from Porsche with the Turbo boxer from the new 718 Boxster S and Ford with the engine of the new focus RS. The victory in the rating went up to three litres of engine capacity at Porsche under the new Porsche Turbo unit 911th behind follow the two BMW Twin-Turbo - six-cylinder from the M - and not-M models. Ferrari grabbed the highest score in the class with the V8 Biturbo from the 488 up to four liters from Mercedes-AMG and Porsche with the best non-Turbo. At the displacement of four litres, the Panel looks like this: Ferrari wins ahead of Audi and Mercedes-AMG.

The special ratings

Ferrari delivers the best new engine with the 488 engine. This is followed by Volvo and Porsche. The best "performance engine", the victory also goes to the Ferrari V8. Place the Ferrari V12 and ranked three of the four litre six-cylinder Boxer of the Porsche GT3 RS. Tesla with its all-electric powertrain provides the best "green" engine. Behind the engine of the BMW i8 and the two-liter hybrid unit of Volvo.

Overall Ferrari

The price for the overall victory goes not surprisingly Italy after so many class WINS. We say: congratulations to Ferrari and the 488 GTB. The V8 is the first engine for ten years, which brings the victory with more than six cylinders. Who wants to work more closely by the individual classes, a look at is recommended. (mf)