40 years Golf GTI: Back to basics

Reifnitz (Austria), may 6, 2016

Waiting GTI meeting Reifnitz am Wörthersee (4th to 7th may 2016) with a new event concept, the 35th: under the motto "Back to the Roots" more space is given the cars, so that the motorists get their money back. Booths with products that have nothing to do with cars, are no longer allowed. And so there is more room for the fans, for walking, sitting and looking beautiful cars this year.

Volkswagen with the GTI in the Center

The VW Group has her mind on the roots of the GTI meeting. There were still large stands of Skoda and seat, in previous years so it focuses this year only the VW brand and here on the Golf GTI. An open stand concept and an appealing program provide freshness to the self-representation of the Wolfsburg brand.

Exclusive Golf GTI ClubSport S

It naturally fits, that Volkswagen is only a few days previously with the exclusive club sport S a GTI model could announce the top entry in the Guinness Book of world records. The 310 HP strong top GTI broke the previous record for front-wheel drive cars on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife 7: 49,21 minutes and is constantly edged star on the VW stand in Reifnitz with record driver Benny Leuchter.

Price is now known: 40,000 euro

There will be 400 copies of the Golf GTI ClubSport S. He is the most powerful version of the series, which has so far brought Volkswagen from the Gulf on the market. In Reifnitz, VW announced the prize: suitable for 40 years GTI and the 400 retail edition will cost the car straight path 40,000 euros.

GTI heartbeat and performance 35

Traditionally, the apprentices of the VW works in Wolfsburg and Zwickau for the GTI meeting Golf unique for the show stage in Reifnitz build. This time, the junior from Wolfsburg presents the GTI heartbeat. Is 400 HP 10 HP for each of the 40 years of the GTI are strong. The trainees from Zwickau variant came with the golf R performance 35 to the Wörthersee meeting. 350 HP here rumble under the front hood 10 PS for each year of the Wörthersee meeting.

Time travel through 40 years Golf GTI

But VW has a lot more in the quiver: A journey through 40 years Golf GTI all seven generations of the icon of the GTI of the first hour to the current GTI and the GTI offer ClubSport. To Anton Konrad and Gunhild Liljequist arrived, which had considerably in the development of the first part of the Golf GTI. Konrad, from 1972 to 1977 Head of the motor press from VW, met at the time on Sunday with coffee and cake with the "sixes"circle, to discuss how to make a sporty VW. At his home, one could namely go the disturbing "concerns winners" out of the way.

The first Golf GTI

During the first oil crisis in 1973, so nothing sporty was in demand at VW. Somehow you managed but to provide a vehicle on the legs, by only using what already gave the VW Parts shelves, and perfectly tuned it all. The modern fuel-injected engine came by the way of the upcoming Audi 80 and none other than the former Ferdinand Piëch of head of the Audi development issued the corresponding release. The later VW Board Member Toni Schmücker was then green light for a series of first 5,000 pieces. As one the 110 PS strong compact car then introduced the VW dealers, wanted to have 50,000 copies, which then also they got from 1976.

With Tartan and golf ball

Gunhild Liljequist, 2016 come also to the Wörthersee meetings was interior designer at Volkswagen since 1964. The learned Informatique had designed so legendary models like the jeans beetle or the Golf I convertible Quartet. For the GTI it inspired by trips to "Swinging" London, from where you previously had brought a kilt is. As a result, the first GTI got the famous Tartan for the seat covers. Oh yes, the golf ball as a handle above was also her idea on the shift lever.

Golf TCR for racing

Another highlight on the VW stand in Reifnitz is the new, 330 HP strong Golf TCR, the racing version of the Golf from Volkswagen Motorsport for the International Touring Car Championship. Beside the Polo R is WRC issued Volkswagen successfully establishes among others with drivers Sébastien Ogier in the FIA Rally World Championship.

For China: Lamando GTS

And somewhat hidden, on the other side of the street across from the VW-stand we have discovered still a novelty: the Volkswagen Lamando GTS has its world premiere at the Wörthersee. How, "Lamando" don't you know? You do not need to. He comes from China and is China. Notchback sedans of all sizes (besides SUVs) are famously very popular there. Technically, the Lamando is based on the looker GTS, bringing 220 HP from a two liter turbo gasoline direct injection engine. Drive and dashboard are almost identical, the wheelbase is extended.

It is exciting

Also the Lamando for China is somehow a later descendant of the Golf GTI, and so we are looking forward to how the history of the GTI and the GTI meeting will continue in the next few years. This year the organizers expect 100,000 to 150,000 visitors and plays with summery weather indeed. (ph)