2017, many new models at the start go

Frankfurt, 14 December 2016

The year 2016 a special for the Czech automaker is koda, especially in Germany. About 25 years ago on the 28.3.1991 with the Volkswagen Group merged to form one of the most successful privatization of Czech State-owned enterprises at the beginning of the 1990s. On 17 September 1991, the CODA was founded also car Germany GmbH, which since then has been responsible for the import of CODA vehicles on the German market. We have made us at the year-end press conference 2016 with koda smart and look at the range of vehicles in 2017.

Most successful import brand

Since the start in 1991 uphill at koda Germany continuously: with a targeted goal of 185,000 new registrations in Germany until the end of the year 2016 the Czechs will create a growth of almost three percent to 2015 in this year. Thus, CODA for the eighth time in a row is the most successful import brand on the German market. At the total approvals vehicles from Mladá Boleslav succeed after all in 7th place.

Healthy growth

"We have successfully continued our strategy of healthy growth", says Frank Jürgens, spokesman of the Executive Board of the CODA car Germany GmbH. And while he emphasized the word "healthy". Because the good sales were achieved in one without the now set Roomster (now higher quantities to be SUVs reach than with vans). On the other hand, koda pressures its cars do not like most competitors with many approvals of equity in the market. Here it is according to Jürgens a share of 32 per cent, while the average in Germany lie at 42 percent and by October 2016 had increased to up to 60 per cent. "With this strategy, we make an important contribution to the profitability of the brand and the value stability of our automobiles," underscore the koda-Germany-chef.

Business at a glance

KODA has been a brand that more than others sold their cars to private customers, it has now even fleet operators at a glance. Now almost 140 "large power Center Customer" offer tailor-made services for commercial customers, such as for example, a 24-hour service for maintenance and repairs on seven days a week, so they can use their vehicles during the day fully. After all, the koda service companies top marks were given at the current workshop test of the Automobile Club ADAC: five koda partners asked the Club to the test, four with "very good" and were "good" award. Thus, the Czechs were among the best marks in the test. Distributors have also completed retrofitting their farms on the new commercial design as well. Jackson to do so: "far more businesses than originally thought the conversion used to just rebuilding. We first went out of 20 new buildings, it have become almost 100."

Surprised by the success of the superb

Koda was surprised Germany by the success of the new top model superb: in the first eleven months of the year 2016 over 22,000 vehicles have been approved with a large share of station wagons. Thus, he is superb on position 9 of the best-selling import cars while the Octavia and Fabia models prove even ranks 1 and 2.

The new models in the year 2017

Especially the new SUV Kodiaq to ensure a successful koda in 2017, that great recently did in our test. Its commercial premiere in Germany will be on 4th March 2017. Moreover, four of the six existing models in the year 2017 will be republished. This includes the revised Octavia, which will also have its market launch on March 4, and from may 2017 of the model variants Scout and RS will be flanked. In June, the revised versions of the koda rapid then go and the small Citigo at the start, is immediately followed by a Scout variant of the Kodiaq. In the autumn of 2017, the new editions of the koda then come Yeti and the sporty ST version of the Kodiaq on the market.

Online at any time

The new Kodiaq offers comprehensive entertainment and connectivity solutions for the first time at the Czech brand and is online at any time. The LTE-enabled "koda connect" is divided into two categories: the infotainment services serve the information and navigation, the care-connect services help when breakdowns and emergencies. Emergency button eCall, which becomes 2018 as standard in Europe, koda already offered in the framework of the care Connect service. More online services run via the connect app. This can be verify, configure, and find the car via smartphone from a distance. In the course of the year 2017, also the Octavia receives these innovations.

KODA as an employer

KODA-Germany-chef Frank Jürgens finally mentioned that nationwide more than 20,000 workers for the brand would work. The CODA partners alone, 200 new sales manager and seller as well as approximately 110 Service Manager and service consultant be set. Koda car Germany itself are 362 employees at the end of the year and employees over five percent more than a year ago. Jürgens: "CODA secures employment and has become an attractive employer in the Rhine-main economic region." (ph)