Skoda Roomster

The available since 2006 and 2010 Skoda Roomster modernized by its very name makes it unmistakably clear where his strengths lie. Designated as proud of its builders van, Skoda Roomster in its class offers the 4,205 millimeter long not only more than the average space for passengers and luggage, but plays with the space. With its versatility and its unique concept of space, the small space wonder Skoda enriches the segment of mini - vans, cavort in the note, among other things, the Opel Agila or the Nissan. The Skoda Roomster offers a boot volume of up to 1,780 liters and allows a maximum payload of 515 kg. Most of the ideas of the new Skoda family car stuck in the rear and trunk : The back seat is higher than the first row by 46 millimeters, the window line is kid friendly deep. Sense of space to infinity conjures an optional glass roof of desk size. All three rear seat backs can lean to the rear, the rear outboard seats of the Skoda Roomster are also around 150 mm in the longitudinal direction, so you can take out the middle seat. A first refresh both inside and told the family van in 2010, with the engines of the latest generation VW Volkswagen were built and the typical dual clutch gearbox (DSG) received his entry. Thus, the three diesel (75 to 105 hp) and four petrol engines (86 to 105 hp) available Skoda Roomster for comfortable family van, which even in critical situations thanks to his outstanding (based on the VW Polo chassis and ESP remains manageable at all times. With the most powerful 1.6 TDI engine with 105 hp, the Skoda Roomster reached at least 181 km / h top with an average fuel consumption of about 4.7 liters of diesel fuel.