Nissan Hyper Adventure is an electric concept car that wants to go on an active holiday

The second Nissan concept for the fair in Japan wants to go out

The nice thing about car shows is – or actually was, now that there are so few fairs left – seeing brand new cars with your own eyes and in some cases even feeling them by sitting in them. How cool would it be to get into this Nissan Hyper Adventure? Unfortunately, that is not possible. Not even for visitors to the Japanese car fair. This is a virtual concept that is only exhibited digitally.

The Nissan Hyper Adventure follows the Hyper Urban concept car that we saw earlier. While the previous study model is aimed at city life, the Adventure focuses on the future of 4x4s. That's why the Hyper Adventure has a large battery that allows you to explore the wilderness. There you can use the battery to power other devices, such as electric jet skis. We clearly celebrate holidays in a different way than Nissan employees.

Under the skin, the Hyper Urban gets Nissan's e-4orce system with all-wheel drive. This technology can be found in the current Ariya. The exterior is completely new and is completely focused on aerodynamics. Air flows flow through the splitter and via the sides to the large roof spoiler and the sloping rear section.

Getting in and out via the tailgate

Inside, there's an instrument panel that attaches to the windshield and there's "plenty of luggage space for outdoor gear like tents, skis or even a kayak." You can turn the rear seat half a turn to get to the tailgate. You can open the flap to get out of the car via the steps. Or you can relax for a while and look at the view through the open tailgate.

You can also enter or leave the car via the conventional route. Or yes, conventionally, the rear side doors open upwards. The Hyper Urban concept car also suffered from this. Would the Japanese brand seriously consider changing the term Lambo doors to Nissan doors? The 20-23 concept also has special doors. We keep our fingers crossed.