Mercedes-AMG goes public with a documentary about the One

Project One did not run smoothly, to say the least

When you promise someone to pay 2.275 million euros, you expect them to keep their word. Mercedes was unable to fulfill its previous agreements with potential buyers of the AMG-One. The idea was to start deliveries in 2020. Now we know that it took until 2022 for the production version to finally arrive.

They must have scratched their heads several times at AMG about the decision to put an F1 engine in a road car. We may get an answer to that thought soon. Mercedes-AMG asked filmmakers Cutting Edge Productions to make a documentary about the construction process of the One. The trailer at the bottom of the page already gives us some Drive to Survive vibes. Although the story behind the One will need few distortions of reality for some controversy.

Honest documentary about the Mercedes-AMG One

The film crew speaks with people from AMG who worked on the project, but also with Lewis Hamilton who was one of the driving forces behind building the One. There are also interviews with potential buyers, such as David Coulthard and Victoria Swarovski. It is clear from the trailer that Mercedes makes no secret of the fact that the process has not gone as hoped.

We see an AMG CEO apologizing and another saying that the planning was too optimistic. When the test vehicle is finally built, we also see it after a fire at a gas station. We personally experienced that the test cars were not yet ready for production during our first introduction to the One. It is not yet known when the documentary about the construction of the Mercedes-AMG One will be released.