Porsche is building an electric boat with Frauscher costing more than half a million euros

With the powertrain of the upcoming electric Macan

Like other car brands, Porsche is also in the boat business. Now Porsche is also diving into the sale of electric boats. Porsche builds the 850 Fantom Air together with Frauscher Shipyard. Porsche helps with styling, is in charge of the interior and can take care of the drivetrain. The electric motor for the boat comes directly from the upcoming electric Macan.

The drivetrain of the electric boat will receive 'components' from the PPE platform on which the Porsche Macan will stand. "This includes the electric motor, whose peak power in the eFantom is limited to 400 kW," the car brand writes. This converts to 681 hp. Porsche emphasizes that this is the power of the speedboat, so the power in the Macan may be slightly higher or lower.

Top speed and range of the Porsche electric boat

The Porsche electric motor is located in the stern in a water-resistant housing. There you will also find the 100-kWh battery. Porsche does say that if you maintain the 'optimal cruising speed' of 22 knots (or 41 km/h), you can travel 45 kilometers. You can then charge up to 250 kW, allowing you to charge from 10 to 80 percent full within half an hour.

Just like with Porsche cars, there are different driving modes (or should we say sailing modes?). These are Docking, Range, Sport and Sport Plus. The engine responds differently to the gas input for each sailing mode and the maximum speed is adjusted. For example, in Docking – the special mode for mooring – you can sail at a maximum of 8 knots, or 15 km/h. The absolute top speed in Sport Plus mode is 46 knots, or 85 km/h.

'Electric better than combustion engine'

The boat measures 8.67 meters in length and is 2.49 meters wide. There should be enough room for nine people. According to the executive manager of the boat company, Stefan Frauscher, it is better to order this e-boat than one with a petrol engine: 'The electric version of the Fantom Air is better than a version with a combustion engine in all sailing characteristics, such as top speed, acceleration and feeling, and that too, emission-free'.

Price of the Porsche electric boat

The interior was completely designed by Porsche. You can of course immediately see this from the steering wheel. You will also find a nice wink from Porsche. The start button is located on the left side of the steering wheel, as it should be in Porsches. You can now order the First Edition of which only 25 will be made. The price tag? 561,700 euros. Money with which you can buy four Macans in the Netherlands. The first boats will be delivered in 2024.