This 'Ferrari-like' off-roader was once a Mazda MX-5 and can now be yours

It comes from Japan, so it is a Eunos off-Roadster

Is it an MX-5? Is it a fake Ferrari 250 GTO? The answer: a little bit of both, topped off with a dash of off-road vehicle. The building above is officially called Mazda Eunos Roadster. The car was first registered in Japan where the MX-5 is called that. Now he is in Florida, where his call sign will be Miata. Whatever you want to call it, this Mazda MX-5 off-roader is now up for auction.

The MX-5 dates from 1992 and was brought to the United States last year. When he came to the States, he already had the Ferrari-esque carriage. Whoever sells the Mazda MX-5 now turned it into an off-roader. He did this of course by raising the Mazda's profile, but also by fitting off-road tires, spotlights, widening the wheel arches, new mirrors and new seats. He also took the doors off the car, which you will get if you have the highest bid.

Specifications of the Mazda MX-5 off-roader

At the front is a 1.6-liter four-cylinder that produces 120 hp and 137 Nm. Power goes to the rear via a five-speed manual gearbox. The strange MX-5 sits on 15-inch wheels, has the steering wheel on the right side and, according to the odometer, has run 76,900 kilometers. Also useful: there are two towing eyes on the outside of the grille. This allows you to connect it to another vehicle via a frame – which you receive when you purchase the car.

If you fancy a Mazda MX-5 off-roader with a special body kit, you need to be quick. The auction ends on October 12, 2023 at 10:30 PM. At the time we type this, the highest bid is at $5,800, which is approximately 5,500 euros. At Cars & Bids you can bid on the special MX-5.