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The MINI Cooper S is one of the fastest cars, the market currently has to offer. Since then, BMW 2001, the former British brand Mini incorporated several new models of the small car were presented. The top model is the MINI Cooper S. Under the hood is a 1.6-liter four-cylinder supercharged engine with intercooler for impressive 170 hp. This shoot the small car in just 7.2 seconds from zero to 100, and after a further short period of time, the MINI Cooper S reaches a top speed of 222 km / h With the six-speed manual gearbox and the standard traction control system, which ensures daf √úR that the sporty small car also brings its power to the road, the driving pleasure is nothing in the way - especially since 2004, the MINI Cooper S Convertible was introduced. Since 2006, the MINI Cooper S is produced in the second generation. In collaboration with PEUGEOT new engines were developed for the entire MINI range, where they put the focus clearly on the fuel reduction. Nevertheless, the new MINI Cooper S engine has a turbocharger thanks to 5 hp more. Thus, the current small car is faster than its predecessor. The striking differences with the MINI Cooper 's air intake on the bonnet, the specific body-color bumpers and roof spoiler. In addition, betrayed the white side indicators and the respectively held in chrome side grills, central exhaust pipes and the tank flap that this MINI really has it all. As of 2008, a further technical refinement is installed as standard in all MINI models with the BMW EfficientDynamics system. By the start-stop system, brake energy regeneration and a gear shift indicator to an additional 20 percent savings in consumption.

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frank 2014-02-04

I have Mini Cooper S))) I'm terribly happy with this car)) Motor only 1.6 but produces as much as 163 hp)) After the first train on it in my head spun just two words: Jet Karting (I think the other owners MINI me understand)) super Dynamics, and the consumption of 15 liters with a very active city driving and 7 liters on the highway. In the near future going to do Tune JOHN COOPER WORKS. Then the machine will simply hurricane!

Harry Bold 2014-02-16

Buying history.
The last five years I owned Mitsubishi Colt V 1.3. Machine was fully satisfied but got bored. And finances allowed to take that somethihg interesting.
Girlfriend and me has long wanted a car that stands out from the crowd, preferably in a retro style.
We choose Beetles vs Coopers. After watching two Beetles realized that besides design machine nothing interesting. Suspension and engine from the Golf 4, skushey interior, rear seats less than Cooper (as it turned out) and even head prop roof. On the trunk did not speak, it's not there)
Thereafter firmly decided that I would take Cooper. After the Internet surfung we decided Cooper S (charged version of the compressor body GV 2002-2006 R53, 2006-2013 R56 - turbine) and be sure Manual transmission. Super sprint exhaust, sport suspension +, there is still a lot of nice things run was big enough but that did not bother, because host was not a poor man bought Minikit in the cabin in 2004, but due to temporary financial problems had to leave the car. The host was extremely honest and fully explained what was happening and what to do with the machine. In principle, nothing critical. Change the gasket on the engine cover clap because Snotty oil. Change upper bearing and bellow shruza, but also change tires. Inside: needed dry-cleaning and the driver's seat a little bit on the skin broke seam. It seems to be all that I remembered.
163 hp on the passport, leather seats, music HARMAN CARDON, JCW strut etc. Was painted hood and per.bamper rather updated on the paint chips + painted door leads because owner scratched her on the parking barrier .
And so, why I bought it? Certainly for myself, to drive my girlfriend and dog labrador) Especially in 26 years old I have not burdened with children, villas etc. All the more so for trips to the lake there is a second machine, which "do not mind")
A little bit about exterior. What can I say, say it is virtually impossible to meet two identical Mini Copper S, I chrome exterior mirror package + union jack + original vinyl .. MINICLOD Cooper may or may like or dislike. Like most of the course, especially the girls and after learning that under the hood 200 hp forces on 6 tablespoons mechanics and the guys she has to liking.
Salon mega comfy and originalnyy. Materialy is very quality, I tidy trimmed with chrome, metal pedals soprt + metal front mats. Armchairs with lateral support, very comfortable, people sitting this notice)
Engine judging by the reviews mega reliable, read the description below, 163 + hp tuning kit. passport acceleration to 100 km/h in 7.2 sec. Compressor. Whistle which famously heard after 5 thousand kilometers. Exhaust noble super sprint sounds awesome. In conjunction with the box works Pts cool, although some would longish transfer. Until 1st Red Line 60, the second 110, the third 140-150, 4th - 180, 5th... 6th... Oil practically eats, 500-800 ml per 8 thousand Acceleration is very good up to 180, then more slowly begins to gain, I think affects the aerodynamics of a brick)
City consumption 9-12, 7-8 run, an average of 9-10 liters, I believe Pts given how much HP you need to feed.

With the purchase MINICLOD year passed about 15 thousand kilometers. Invested for parts + tuning about 10000 dollars)

This car just wonderful, in both senses of the word brings a lot of positive emotions not only the owner but also gives koruzhayuschim smile.
Recently put it on sale but do not want to sell it, after much effort and money has been invested in.
Looks like a new machine, at least so say my friends and are very surprised that she was in 2004.
Now stands at the window, there are photographed girl and I think. May withdraw from the sale and listing on skate - the most charismatic car in the world?))