MINI Cooper S Roadster

The MINI Cooper S Roadster is offered as a new car since the early summer of 2012 and, according to the variant of the John Cooper Works version of the most powerful small car lifestyle. The two-seater has over the MINI Convertible a lower center of gravity and weight distribution (62.5 % on the front axle) has been optimized for sporty driving. Mutated, the MINI Cooper S Roadster car with a ride like a go-kart in curve-eater on the road. The powerful motor makes the MINI Cooper S Roadster Used fully in the cards : Under the hood, the 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbocharged slumbers. The result is 184 hp and a torque of 260 Nm, which already bears from 1730 tours. The power delivery of the MINI Cooper S Roadster is purely a 6-speed manual transmission to the front wheels, so that the small car sprints from standstill in 7 seconds on road level. The top speed of 227 km / h should be explored only with the roof closed, as it can be very hairy inside otherwise. Gratifying is the average consumption of 5.7 liters of Super per 100 kilometers, which can be achieved but only at a moderate driving style. In search of a convertible or roadster? With mobile.

Tech details

Year 2012
Body type Hatchback
Engine Gasoline, 1598cm³, 184HP
Drive front
Gearbox automatic
Top speed (km/h) 223
0 - 100 km/h (s)
Seats 4
Doors 3
Emissions CO2 149g/km Euro 5
Consumption (l/100km)
8.9 / 5 / 6.4
Dimensions (mm)
3730 / 1680 / 1410
Payload 375kg 160l
Insurance class 16 HF / 23 TK / 19 VK