Porsche Boxster #7

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Caught: Porsche 718 Spyder

Munich, 20. November 2017 Since the middle of 2016, the current Porsche Boxster and Cayman on the market and both are wearing since the nameplate with the number 718. The special feature of the new models...

Stronger, faster, more expensive

Ingolstadt, September 4, 2015 Yes, he is tall, has a diesel engine and is nevertheless performed bluntly as S model, which means: He must have probably something to do with sports. And even though it...

I think i Spyder

New York (USA), April 1, 2015 We were pretty sure that Porsche at the New York Auto Show ( 3 to 12 April 2015) has something wild with the Boxster ago. Most conjectures went towards " new Boxster Spyder...

BMW 2er: Now comes the convertible

Munich, September 10, 2014 Since spring 2014 is the 2 coupe on the market, now BMW also leaves the convertible version of the stack. The open 2er is his first major appearance at the Paris Motor Show...

Volkswagen brings big SUV

Wolfsburg July 14, 2014 Volkswagen's sales in the U.S. market are declining, even though brands like BMW and Mercedes are growing on the other side of the pond. If the Wolfsburg want to achieve their...

Jaguar F -Type Coupe Tin Roof Cat

Tin Roof Cat " Engine, transmission, seats two people and luggage for the weekend - as a sports car should be ," says Ian Callum - for 15 years at Jaguar for design responsibility - and puts her hand on...