Porsche 551 Spyder

The Porsche 551 Spyder is an open sports car that is offered since the summer of 2012 as a new car from the Swabian automaker. To around four meters in length, the Porsche 551 Spyder offers a mid-engine sports car the new entry into the world of Porsche. The Porsche 551 Spyder car comes from the new modular concept, the Volkswagen has imposed on the manufacturer. Many modules come from the Porsche Boxster sports car and were adapted for the Porsche 551 Spyder. The engine range was borrowed from the Porsche Cajun SUV that is also responsible for the Audi Q5. To work in the Porsche 551 Spyder different TFSI engines than gasoline engines cover a power range from 150 to 250 hp. A mandatory six-cylinder may not be missing, which distributes a capacity of more than 300 hp to all four wheels. Whether the new sports car is also equipped with a diesel engine, is not yet known, however, would be inconceivable. Furthermore, there is a variant with hybrid drive in the drawers to drive the Porsche 551 Spyder, very economically.