Ford Edge #13

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Ford Edge: Fully refurbished

Cologne, 22. February 2018 Ford empower its biggest SUV – if you look at it with European eyes. In the US, the Edge is more of a middle-class deal, in this country, of 4,81 metres long, the car is in its...

Chinese cars: Europe suitable for?

Guangzhou (China), 27. December 2017 Someday, Yes, someday I will get used to it, to test in China cars. At some point. I'm sure of it. But now, as the smoke turn of the diesel bus of a narrow concrete...

All sure? Sure! Or?

Brussels (Belgium), November 30, 2016 How safe is your next car? The testing organization has undergone Euro NCAP again six new models in various crash tests. Competed for the premeditated cold deformation...

The Edge is coming to Europe

Cologne, September 8, 2015 Ford goes on the offensive and would like to increase the range of SUVs and crossovers. These will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show ( 17 to 27 September 2015), the European...

Closed edge

Cologne, June 25, 2014 The recipe for success in the auto industry currently has three letters: SUV. In Europe alone already chooses a fifth of customers for one of the watered-terrain vehicles, often...