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Renault EZ-GO

Geneva, 6. March 2018 ? Even if Renault requires it explicitly: The new study, EZ-GO may ?Easy go? be pronounced. The Name is program, because the vehicle is an Autonomous mobile Robo-Taxi, in which one...

For the Smart City of tomorrow

Los Angeles (USA), 1. December 2017 Fisker is known by the Plug-in Hybrid sports car called Karma, and also the latest work, the electrically powered coupe-sedan EMotion, sporty trains. At the Los Angeles...

Death of an iconic sports car, The last Viper is built

The last Viper is built She was never a classic beauty, and yet she seemed to be in addition to your sporty and sleek Italian competitors like the heavy-handed relatives from the countryside. And it was...

He is back as a true King

Costa Mesa (California), 12 August 2016 He is back. No, not the dictator, but the Fisker karma, also under a different name: Karma Revero is now called the luxury plug-in vehicle. "re vero" means in Italian...

Stunning Aston Martin Vanquish is not

Amelia Iceland / Florida ( USA), March 17, 2015 Long time no hybrid athlete Fisker Karma heard? Neither do we. It seems that Henrik Fisker returned to his roots. These have to do with beautiful English...