He is back as a true King

Costa Mesa (California), 12 August 2016

He is back. No, not the dictator, but the Fisker karma, also under a different name: Karma Revero is now called the luxury plug-in vehicle. "re vero" means in Italian "true King". The car looks just like its predecessor, the Denmark-born Henrik Fisker himself had designed. Fisker's own company, Fisker Automotive, went 2013 broke. The remains were sold a year later to the US branch of the Chinese supplier company Wangxiang. Because the rights to the company name in the company's founder, the manufacturer is called Karma automotive.

Hand painted plaques and a solar roof

Already in the autumn 2015, the Marketing Director of karma, James Taylor, announced that the car should be applied again in the summer of 2016. Now the new model was ("e nthüllt"), if so call it "e-revealed" as karma calls it. This means that a first official picture and a video were released. Each Revero so karma is unique, and offers details such as hand-painted plates at front and rear, as well as a solar roof to generate energy. No other model sold the United States possessed a solar roof so something like currently voting, but also the Fisker had karma, and even 2016 launching new Toyota Prius Plug-in will also have one. The term "technological breakthrough" is therefore rather inappropriate.

Fisker is not mentioned

Fisker Karma mentioned the Karma in his press release with a single word. But the Southern California company offers the "existing owners" (here is to supplement: a Fisker karma) to reserve a Revero. Other interested parties may do so until 8 September 2016. While the look was familiar (it may again to add: by the Fisker karma), there were quite a few technical changes. This includes a new Infotainment system and modified fast charging capabilities.

Over $100,000?

According to a report in the Detroit News by June 28, 2016, the car at a new plant in Moreno Valley, about 100 kilometers east of Los Angeles should be built and cost over $100,000 (nearly 90,000 euros). According to the report, the car to the same battery and get the same combustion engine like the Fisker karma. According to an article in the manager magazin from today 12 August will, however, increase the range and BMW technology on the inside are used. With a system capacity of around 400 HP, the car would the competing Tesla model S (up to 772 PS) anyway, follow, for the range of plug in hybrids is of course greater than in the pure electric car model S.

Sold about 1,800 pieces of the Fisker karma

It was 2008 presented Fisker karma as 4.97 meters long four-door sedan at the auto show in Detroit. He was one of the first plug in hybrid. In the series, the car went in the year 2011. Prices started 2011 at 77,000 dollars, which would be equivalent to about 69,000 euro. Only about 1,800 units were sold up to the production stop 2012. He was driven by a 260 HP strong 2.0 liter turbo gasoline engine and two electric motors on the rear axle with 160 HP. The lithium-ion battery supplied by A123 systems saved about 20 kilowatt-hours, which was enough for 50 to 80 kilometres. (sl)