Renault EZ-GO

Geneva, 6. March 2018 ?

Even if Renault requires it explicitly: The new study, EZ-GO may ?Easy go? be pronounced. The Name is program, because the vehicle is an Autonomous mobile Robo-Taxi, in which one sits and reads and lounging. With its trapezoidal Silhouette of the EZ-GO stands out from the wall the Design of other Robo-Taxi-designs (such as VW Sedric, Toyota E-range, Fisker Orbit or Rinspeed Snap).

Fully automated and secure on-the-go

The design study for up to six people to Supplement private cars and public transport, not replace it. The user can call the EZ-GO via Smartphone, or to fixed stations to get there. To Get the glass vibrates the roof at the front of the EZ-GO to the top. The vehicle stops at a dock, facilitates a fold-out ramp entry. The seats are grouped communication circulation in a U-shape. In the inner side of the front door has an integrated Display, on which the expected be travel time and stops are displayed.

Autonomous Driving, Level four

The Steering, acceleration and braking, not applicable, because the EZ-GO meets all of the requirements for the fourth of five levels of Autonomous driving. This so-called ?Mind off?-Level allows for fully automated Driving on approved roads. In the event of unforeseen incidents, it applies the brakes and stops at a safe place.

The electric motor on the rear axle and all-wheel steering

For driving an electric motor on the rear axle. The flat battery is mounted under the floor. Is loaded inductively, while the vehicle waits at a dock to pick up passengers. A rear-wheel steering increases the manoeuvrability, also the body shell for the tempo can be raised thresholds to several centimeters.

15 self-driving models by 2022

Renault wants to plan up to 2022 as part of the strategy ?Drive the Future? 15 self-driving models, as well as eight all-electric and twelve-electrified vehicles on the market. The Autonomous Driving ?gradually, under the name of Renault Is Easy To Drive? in the series, will be introduced. In 2019, the first model will be released at the Autonomous driving capabilities on level two ? this level is, however, already achieved with a traffic jam assistant. Stage four wishes to achieve Renault starting in 2022.(sl)