Stunning Aston Martin Vanquish is not

Amelia Iceland / Florida ( USA), March 17, 2015

Long time no hybrid athlete Fisker Karma heard? Neither do we. It seems that Henrik Fisker returned to his roots. These have to do with beautiful English sports car. At least Henrik Fisker now has a car Beauty Contest Amelia Concours Iceland ( 13 to 15 March 2015) introduced a new design study based on the Aston Martin Vanquish. She goes by the name Thunderbolt. There is a lack of self-confidence apparently not.

Body made ​​of carbon

Now, Mr. Fisker ?? as the creator of the Aston Martin DB9 ?? quite the right tweaking Astons Top - GT. The result is the Thunderbolt, Fisker's vision of the ultimate Vanquish. The designer says he wanted to " create an elegant, beautiful GT sports coupe ". For this, he built the body with hand-laid carbon mats scratch. Front is now a striking aluminum grill, a power dome, strongly shaped air intakes and new headlights. These Fisker changed the design of the rear window and built very narrow, blade-like taillights. Addition to a healthy state, he lowered the car by 15 millimeters and put it on 21-inch wheels with performance tires.

If you want, he builds it

In the interior of the Thunderbolt Fisker relies on a 11.6-inch curved and infotainment screen from Panasonic. There is a Maurice Lacroix chronograph in the dashboard and a lot of leather from Italian furniture manufacturer Natuzzi. Even a " cup holder " for champagne bottles can be found. 007 would be thrilled. Henrik Fisker emphasized that Aston Martin has nothing to do with the Thunderbolt Concept ( single piece ). However if you are interested in Fisker's creation, he would probably build you a copy. On special order an acquisition Thunderbolt exclusively through Galpin Aston Martin in Los Angeles should be possible. The " production car " would look like the red car in our picture gallery: with revised front grille and a revised without the Panasonic screen. (sw)