Death of an iconic sports car, The last Viper is built

The last Viper is built

She was never a classic beauty, and yet she seemed to be in addition to your sporty and sleek Italian competitors like the heavy-handed relatives from the countryside. And it was – but with strong power values. The Dodge Viper, it looked, at least, your spiritual father, Bob Lutz, for the "robbery of the American sports car", should carry on the Tradition of Carroll Shelby's Cobra and in true Cowboy Tradition was not in the first model years, once an Airbag some and classic. But now the end of the Viper suture.

31. July is ending after 25 years, the construction of one of the most radical sports car ever developed. As the Dodge Viper in 1992, was presented for the first Time as a Roadster, worked under the hood is a V-10-cylinder engine, which was for the time a remarkable 410 horsepower. Also, the maximum torque of 664 Nm was able to impress. The drive was originally in the commercial vehicles division developed and disturbed no one. Finally, the drive for Lamborghini, at that time, such as Dodge, a Chrysler company had been revised.

However, most of the Dodge looked to the customer to your account, and found that the Dodge Viper so desirable she was,however, an unattainable financial League was on the way. 85 000 dollars was simply too much. Today, the prices for the ultimate final output in 119 000 $ to begin, what can easily be on a 150 000 Dollar increase. The times have clearly changed, the onslaught of customers looking for the last copy of the book. "We can't produce fast enough," says Dodge-Manager, Tim Kuniskis, the industry-service "The Detroit Bureau".

The open and drafty two-seater (a little later a coupe Version) followed in 1992, in sheet, cast, America, where everything is bigger than on the other continents. Therefore, the time a unique force package that was pretty fast for an international clientele, which took all the comfort deficits, and the Dodge Viper began also in the race. Finally, the roof of the coupe had to get extra vaults, so as to create space for the helmets of the crew. Acoustically, the Dodge was definitely an asset on the Tracks – at least for contemporaries to appreciate the Sound of the ten-cylinder.

From the roughneck in the course of time, a continuously the current technique adapted to the model. The current edition now has a Launch Control with a rapid acceleration from a standing start without spinning wheels. In the last, the fifth edition of the ten-cylinder is making 645 HP and is no longer in the case of Dodge a long time, the muskulöseste Mucle Car. The Dodge Challenger Demon makes 848 horsepower, and the Challenger Hellcat comes to 707 HP.

With the end of the production is approximately 30 000 copies of the 31. July, the Dodge Viper takes for the second Time to say goodbye to the automotive stage. In the year 2010 as Chrysler went, thanks to the Takeover by Fiat of Bankruptcy, was interrupted in production by the end of 2011, and in January 2012, the new Fiat-Chysler CEO Sergio Marchionne presented the Dodge Viper-new edition. Currently 87 of the specialists of the Viper-production still. If the last model has left the plant on Conner Avenue in Detroit will be closed to the plant, Chrysler in a message, "finally".

At the end of the Dodge Viper is not dying but not quite – for a while at least. Because in Force 1 V10 the floor group of the super sport is life car. VLF plans to start the production of 50 copies of the 268 500 Dollar and 745 HP strong model. Behind VLF, the versatile entrepreneur Henrik Fisker and the irrepressible Bob Lutz, enjoys, obviously, as a 85-Year-old his PS-passion. (ampnet/ww)