For the Smart City of tomorrow

Los Angeles (USA), 1. December 2017

Fisker is known by the Plug-in Hybrid sports car called Karma, and also the latest work, the electrically powered coupe-sedan EMotion, sporty trains. At the Los Angeles Auto Show (1. to 10. December 2017) the US-based company, now a different type of vehicle, the Orbit.

Electrically powered Shuttle

The Fisker Orbit is a Van-type Shuttle for the town – with Autonomous driving capabilities and electric drive. The pictures show a vehicle in the style of a Cabinet wall. Unlike the electrically driven VW Shuttle study Sedric is the Fisker Orbit to a roof curvature apparent in which direction he leaves. The dark glass surfaces on the side seem to serve also for the communication with the environment: With a light font of the Orbit, for example, announces that he is leaving in three minutes and the nearest stop is. Otherwise, Fisker makes no statements – neither to the electric drive, to the Autonomous driving abilities, networking with other vehicles, or to the interior of the Orbit.

Integration into a "Smart City"

So sparse, and the details of the past, it is not a figment of the imagination for the day of a blue moon. The first Orbit-copies should be at the end of 2018 delivered, the manufacturer. For the use of the concept of a Chinese conglomerate, will have to ensure that the Hakim-Unique-group (HUG). The Shuttle is to be integrated in a so-called "Smart City". Behind this buzz word, the intelligent city of the future. You should be more efficient, more environmentally friendly and socially inclusive than today's cities.

For a model city in China?

Where the planned Smart City will be developed, and whether it is a district or a whole city, is not informed. In China the Latter is possible, as the example of Xiong`shows: The 2,000-square-kilometer town is 150 kilometres southwest of Beijing, to relieve the capital. Similar Smart City plans in Saudi Arabia In the new city of Neom on the Red sea, the traffic will run completely emission-free and Autonomous.(sl)