The built 2007-2010 Daihatsu Materia car looks small from the outside : with a length of 3.80 meters, a width of 1.69 meters and a height of 1.64 meters, equivalent to the striking edged Mini - Van roughly the size of a VW Polo or Ford Focus. However, with 2.54 meter wheelbase offers practical, sold only as a five-door Daihatsu Materia, especially in the interior is surprisingly spacious. Front sitting quite comfortably with just under two meters in height and the back can even accommodate long legs easily. This is made possible in the Daihatsu Materia rail mounted rear seat that can be moved up to 16 centimeters. Give a good impression of the engines, willfully designed to bring the van to drive. Both the 91 hp Daihatsu Materia 1.3 and the 103 bhp 1.5 Daihatsu Materia go very well with the traffic. The standard consumption for up to 170-km / h and 10.8 seconds for the standard sprint very dynamic 1.5-liter Daihatsu car is about 7.2 liters of regular petrol. When finding a parking space, another advantage of the box concept shows : the four-wheel drive version available even as DAIHATSU Materia 1.5 ECO 4WD car is not very clear, but also extremely agile. As usual for a compact Japanese, also the standard Daihatsu Materia has been properly fitted to the end of production in 2010 : four airbags, air conditioning and power windows are standard as well as in turn the CD - radio and alloy wheels. ESP there was an extra charge and only for the more powerful engine. A Daihatsu Materia diesel was not on offer, a four-stage automatic Daihatsu Materia, are.