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Autonomous Robocar at the Goodwood Hill Climb

London, 26. June 2018 For the first time, an autonomously driving car the famous "Hill Climb" at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (12. to 15. July 2018) to complete the Robocar, according to the manufacturer...

The Bugatti people, for the people

Munich, 1. June 2018 Around 2.9 million euros for a Bugatti costs Chiron. Light years away for "normal people". But now you can also afford the ordinary people, in a Chiron: Lego technic brings the racers...

90 years of the Opel RAK 2

Rüsselsheim, Germany, 24. May 2018 238 km/h: For current car-that is quite fast, but not exceptionally high speed. Very different the world looked 90 years ago. The Mercedes SSK up to 192 km/h top had...

This Porsche 917 has indicator!

Monte-Carlo, 20. April 2018 Who would notice in the streets of Monaco, which must have been something Special. Even with a wild winged Lamborghini or even a brand new sparkling Bugatti the half-time astonished...

Herbert Diess directs the VW group and brand

Wolfsburg, 13. April 2018 The VW Supervisory Board, has just appointed Herbert Diess as a new chief Executive officer. His previous role as head of the VW brand retains the doctorate in mechanical engineering...

This is the Bugatti Chiron sports

Geneva, 6. March 2018 Geneva, the epicenter is traditionally very, very unreasonable and expensive sports cars. This copy here so it fits on the 2018er auto salon, including the famous fist in the eye...

Anyone who ordered from Bugatti, it takes patience

Molsheim (France), 2. January 2018 16 cylinder, a sprint time of 2.5 seconds and a base price of nearly 2.9 million euros, No other production vehicle is as exclusive as the Bugatti Chiron. And, accordingly...

Essen Motor Show, 2017: All The Info

Essen, 27. November 2017 The pot boils, the food is delicious: you could rewrite something to put it bluntly, what from 1. up to 10. December 2017, to the car fans of the Essen Motor Show:. And not any...

Tesla Semi: Power-Tractor

Palo Alto (USA), 17. November 2017 The production of the Tesla Model 3 does not start as hoped, and the quality of the vehicle in the criticism. However, Tesla Boss Elon Musk throws, as a result, the towel...

Mistaken ideas: The VW W12 Nardo

Hair, 13. November 2017 In the auto industry, there are a few missed opportunities in terms of potential models. Designers and engineers are allowed to let off steam on concept vehicles. The studies are...