A bike under 5 kg

Friedrichshafen, 30 March 2017

Bugatti presents the lightest "urban bike" the world. What an urban bike is? Knowledge we also not as accurate a city bike really easy keep, but in this case: it weighs under 5 kg.

Not legally, but very easy

Road bikes under 5 kilos are already a rarity, but even rarer are ultra-light racing cars with straight handlebars like the Bugatti wheel. As the wheels with racing wheel's dispensed with fenders and lighting system. On the pictures is to see that the bike has a belt drive, but no gear shift possibly it is even a "fixie" without freewheel. A legal road bike is not the shown bike anyway, because it has apparently only a single brake, a rim brake front, whose baking behind the fork.

Also for chubby riders

The standard version of the wheel is made of carbon to over 95 percent. The exact weight or a minimum weight of the bike is not revealed, but the carbon wheels weigh 1,175 grams together. It comes from the German manufacturer of lightweight in Friedrichshafen. Almost been ironically finding feels that the ultra light wheel for heavy rider is suitable: the permissible total weight of 120 kilograms.

Certainly not very cheap

The wheel is built by PG bikes from Regensburg in Germany by hand and customised according to customer requirements. So Bugatti customers can also color adjust your bike on the car. Who wants to create the excavation not quite on its own, you can buy a Pedelec with supporting electrical drive. Both versions are limited to 667 units each. Prices were not notified, rumors of more than 30,000 euros. PG bikes is known for exclusive bikes at sometimes exorbitant prices. So measly 59,500 euros demanded up to 100 km/h fast E-bike presented for 2010, called Blacktrail. The successor of Blacktrail 2 is the world with a price tag of 119,000 euros even as most expensive E-bike. (sl)